Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Woo Hoo 1st solo ride

I waited all day and weather watched. When I got up this morning it was to rain, I donned rain gear and scooted to work. It was a mixed bag of tricks weather wise. It went from torrential rain to sun and back again. I was clock watching until 3:00 and counting the minutes to quitting time. I packed my sack of goodies and I was outta there. It started to rain a little on my scoot ride home and I was feeling completely disheartened that I wouldnt't get a chance to ride. As I pulled up to the house the sun came out and you could almost hear the angels sing Hallelujah!!!! I dumped my junk in the house and pulled Vixen to the side and I thought I heard her whisper, "You don't love me anymore".

I did a pre-trip inspection using FINEBC - fuel, ignition, neutral, engine, brake, clutch (see I really did learn something in my novice class) I was ready to rock'n'roll. I decided to go a familiar scooter route because I am still getting used to my bike. I went through downtown Victoria along Wharf Street to Government and then oceanside on Dallas Rd. I continued on the scenic Beach drive. It was weird not having Motorcycle Man with me. I decided to be adventuresome and drive down McKenzie, which at that time of day it is heavy traffic. It was a little disconcerting, but I stayed calm, cool, & collected and was fine. I finally wound my way home and parked Lucy. Whoop!!!!!

I finished off my day with a short scooter tootle on Vixen, just to let her know that I love her and that she still has a large part of this Moto Diva's heart.


bobskoot said...


I can't believe it . . . you are a multi-bike owner. eenie, meeney miney moe, which should I take ? Lucy or Vixen, I can't decide.

Ask any rider and they will know what the weather forecast will be. I am following your route through your words even with the missing photos. Get Motorcycle Man to lead you to Millstream/Munns Road in the Highlands area, that is my favourite road in your area

Riding the Wet Coast

RichardM said...

Hmmm, so many bikes, which one to ride today? What's next on the "list"? Solo cross country!

Dar said...

Bob - Next weekend I am hoping for sun, because Motorcycle Man and I are going to go on our first adventure. Millstream/Munns road in the Highlands, there is a Harley dealer and Suzuki dealer out there - lol Hmmm may need to go browsing.

Richard - My biggest thing on the list is getting some more road experience. I think next year I would like to ride to Tofino.

I love being multi vehicle adds to the diversity. Right now I still have the restriction of daylight hours on my licence, but that will be lifted when I pass my road test on Tuesday. After my ride yesterday on Lucy, I needed to park her because it was getting dark and I took Vixen to get groceries. Nothing beats a scooter for grocery shopping, I can bring home 5-6 bags of stuff, and there is no way to do that on Lucy.

Eilish said...

I know just how you feel. I have 1,100km on my first ride a 2005 vino 125. Fun stuff. I'm weather watching too. I'm interested in hearing about a road trip on a scooter especially Tofino since I'm a city rider.

Dar said...

Eilish - Scooting is how I fell in love with everything bike and decided to get my class 6. I still love my scoot, but I think the motorcycle is winning out right now, its all about cc's. I can see a 125 vino for commuting in my future. I am seriously thinking of a Yamaha V-star 650 when I decide to get something newer. Keep in touch!

Trobairitz said...

Good job on riding solo already. You are going to be a pro by the time your traffic test rolls around.

Dar said...

Trobairitz the more I ride the more I learn it seems. I love my scoot, it's twist'n'go and there isn't much thought to it. I feel more involved with the bike. I feel like I have turned a corner with riding. When I started riding Lucy and taking the course I used to get stressed when stopping and using the tripod stance and having a solid landing. That has changed, now I don't give it a second thought now, my left foot comes down automatically and it is a solid confident landing. I hope I rock the road test!

Eilish - I've been thinking about a scooter trip to Tofino, and I think you will definitely need a bigger scoot than a 125. There are some extremely steep hills and it is a very windy road, you definitely need a solid ride that has some power to climb and get you out of tight spots. I got my little 50cc scoot at the end of January and I have put almost 5,000kms on it. I ride every day and love going for scooter tootles. I am hoping I will be able to ride through the winter, keeping my fingers crossed.