Sunday, October 9, 2011


This is my awesome motorcycle class partners and one of our instructors 

I PASSED MY NOVICE COURSE!!I Today I am one step closer to getting to getting my full class 6 motorcycle!! In fact my 9 other classmates are as well! We all passed!! Our instructors Gordon and Andrew were excellent teachers! What is so amazing to me is that they take people who have never sat on a bike before and teach them the right way to safely ride a motorcycle. They encouraged us and explained what we did wrong, but more importantly what we did right. It is always safety first.

This is the SINGLE BEST THING I have done since starting my moto journey. This has done more for my motorcycle skills and has given me confidence that I can be out on the road and know what I am doing. I would strongly suggest taking a motorcycle training course whether you want to ride one or a scooter.

I took my course through the Vancouver Island Safety Council.  I will always be a life long motorcycle learner and think you can always learn more and hone your skills. Read, study and take more training and practice ATGATT!

This is what the morning looked like at 7:20 am, it was foggy in places and chilly.

Our Awesome instructors Gordon (left) and Andrew (right)

One of my classmates getting ready to take her MSA.  There were 6 women in the class of ten.

We are receiving our graduation cards.

Jubilant class mates!  Ladies you rocked the class!

If you want more information on the Vancouver Island Safety Council Motorcycle
courses check out their web site for class information and availability. 
 Learn to ride safe and well.


tony said...

Hey congrats, Dar!!!! I knew you could do it!!!!!! Many journeys lie ahead of you now!

Troubadour said...

Congratulations! I love to see all the smiling faces and reading about your success, way to go!!!

It looks like you also stayed dry.

Circle Blue said...

I add my congratulations to the others.

Of course, I never doubted the outcome!

Dar said...

We had an awesome day! We were all whoopong for joy, I actually hugged the examiner, I was so overjoyed. Onto the traffic coure & road test now.

Turtle said...

Way cool!
You're bringing back fond memories of my debacle classes.

RichardM said...

Congratulations! And it's nice to see all the smiles. I thought that the skills test was the road test...


bobskoot said...


I never doubted you either. for you the course was just a formality. Contrats for all your hard work. The weatherman was on your side

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Turtle - I am sure you rocked your class! It was very stressful a times, I feel like a weight has been lifted.

Richard - it is a fairly long drawn out process in BC. They have a graduated licensing program for new drivers, but because I am a long time driver I don't have to do the graduated process. Everyone has to do the motorcycle skills assessment test and then a road test. I actually think the process is a good thing, it ensures that drivers develop good skills and they have to be free of traffic offenses for 24 months (I believe) after their initial license.

Bob - Thank you! Its always good to have friends rooting for you. I actually learned quite a bit and I am so glad I took the course. I learned how to do safe controlled quick stops. It has given me more confidence in my skill set. I have also learned you need to be a committed life-long learner to keep your skills sharp.

Turtle said...

"I am sure you rocked your class!"

Heh, heh, heh. Not exactly...
I failed the 1st one.

Dar said...

Turtle - sometimes it takes a try or two to gain perfection! Its not how many times you try it, but it in the end it is that you get there.

There are so many factors involved in doing this. I was a bundle of nerves for some reason, you say the word 'test' and my subconcious immediately sends out nervous stress messages. OY. I started my test and was going to the first u-turn box and I got too in my head and almost couldn't do it. I actually stopped and put my foot down = 1 demerit. I took a deep breath, sucked it up and decided to pass the damn thing. I restarted in the middle of the u-turn completed it and went onto finish the rest of the exam without error. This has been the most stressful 2 weeks I have had, now I feel more calm and know I can do it.

Glad you did it. You rock your scoot!

Trobairitz said...

Woohoo!! Good job Dar, we knew you'd do it.

Have fun riding around and practicing. I am sure you'll ace the traffic test too.

Turtle said...

LOL, don't let me shake your happiness.

I failed because I needed many weeks of practice in an empty parking lot before I could control the scooter.

(My theory that decades of bicycle riding would make it easy for me, that turned out to be wrong.)

Dar said...

Trobairitz - Thanks for your faith in me & good wishes!

Turtle - I hear ya, we (including me) thought this whole scooter/motorcycle business would be easy peasy, apparently its not. Its a little more complicated than I thought. Also it was more physically demanding as well, my arms and shoulders haven't been too happy lately

Claudio Mccarty said...

Congratulations! I'm pretty sure you are one of the disciplined and responsible motorcycle riders out there today. I hope everyone who intends to ride a bike will follow your undertaking. It is much better to learn how to ride a motorcycle from a professional, as they wouldn't just teach you the nitty-gritty; they would also teach you how to be a responsible rider.

Erik Lucien said...

Nice! Congrats! It’s just important that you take a training course like this when you really want to ride a motorcycle. This is to ensure that you understand motor vehicle regulations; likewise for you to you learn discipline on the road, and ride safely and responsibly.

Max Piedra said...

“I will always be a lifelong motorcycle learner”--- It’s good to know that! :D ”It’s so wonderful that you get to see a lot of women riders on the road today! :D More and more women are appreciating the benefits of riding a motorcycle.