Friday, October 7, 2011

Great way to spend a long weekend - Motorcycle course

Getting ready for last day of class - take note of how dog eared the Road Sense for Riders is.

I can't remember the last time I had to study so much and how hard it can be.  I've forgotten how to be a student, I now know how Motorcycle Daughter feels when she is studying for tests.  I have read the book from cover to cover, flipped through looking for answers to my inquisitive questions and studied what our theory teacher has taught us.  This weekend is my final weekend of the Novice course. Hopefully by the end of Sunday I will have passed my skills test and the written test and be ready to rock'n'roll for the traffic course next weekend.  (Is it me or does this feel like it has forever?) I had my dear Motorcycle Man quiz me on things from the book and gleaned knowledge from his experiences of 30 years of motorcycling.  

My brain feels full to overflowing with knowledge, but I still have much to learn.  Once I get all of this done and under my belt and some riding experience I plan to take the advanced rider's course to further hone my skills. 

My gear is ready and I am wishing, hoping and praying that everything goes well.  I have worked on righthand U-turns, stops and starts.  Please keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck, my motorcycle skills test is on Sunday.

To all my blog friends, I am not ignoring your blogs, I have just been studying every spare minute and haven't had a chance really to read your  blogs, hopefully things will return to normal soon!  I've missed reading about all your adventures!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my scooting and motorcycling peeps!  If you are riding stay safe and enjoy!


Trobairitz said...

Good luck tomorrow. I know you will ace it. Sure hope the weather is holding out for you.

Dar said...

Trobairitz We lucked out today, it was supposed to rain and we actually had some sun. It was an awesome day. I almost completely aced the written, i changed an answer and I had the right one first, never change the answer! I just have to keep the nerves under control and I will be good. A little performance anxiety today, but on the whole a good day.

bobskoot said...


always trust your "gut" instinct. This morning started out with FOG, but eventually the sun came out and it was beautiful, just a bit cooler than normal. Have a good day tomorrow 'cause I know you're going to do well

Riding the Wet Coast

Hannah Parkin said...

You are one model student! With your dedication, I am sure you will pass your motorcycle skills test without any fuss. Always keep your cool and everything will be alright. Stay safe!

Dar said...

Hanah I passed it back in October l it was exhilarating!