Sunday, October 16, 2011

VISC Traffic Safety Course

I PASSED MY TRAFFIC SAFETY COURSE!!!!! Tonight I am deliriously happy and exhausted!!! We had 2 very intensive days of riding and learning new skills. WOW!!!! I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about motorcycling or scootering to take a course through a recommended training agency. The things I have learned are invaluable and will help me be a confident and competent rider. The best part is that it has improved my overall driving habits. I am a shoulder checking machine and can make a controlled sudden stop. Over the last two days I have ridden 200kms over 14 hours. It was amazing! This has been such a journey of discovery and triumph. My fellow classmates all rocked the class and were all successful and I would ride with any of them.

I came home from class and went for a ride on Lucy with Motorcycle Man, we went down the highway and he commented on how much my riding has changed in 2 days. WOW!

At the end of class today we all tried different bikes, I tried a 250 GS and a Ninja 500. I have decided I am a cruiser bike style girl, I don't like leaning forward and I like to be more upright. I seriously love my bike and am happy she is mine.

I owe my husband and daughter a huge thank you for putting up with me for the last three weekends of being motorcycle orphans. I love you both!


bobskoot said...


congrats ! I was thinking about you this weekend and about your test. I like to sit upright too so prefer standard type bikes for more vertical seating. I still think there's something magical in shifting gears, engaging the clutch, leaning into the corners and listing to the roaring of the engine.

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...


Your good thoughts my way were received! I am truly blessed to have so many good people wishing me well and encouraging me through my journey. I really tried to like the bending forward bike and honestly I didn't feel like I was in control of the bike or could see everything I do on the cruiser. I also couldn't imagine going long distances or riding the hours we did this weekend. I am going to leave those types of bikes to the young'uns, they don't get achy and stiff after a few hours of being hunched over. I too love shifting now and listening to engine chatter.

Strega_Rossa said...

\o/ YAY!! I knew you would pass ;)

What a great opportunity to try different bikes. Funny that you post this as hubby and I were talking about riding position and our preferences.

Ride ON!!

RichardM said...

So, one more test before you have your license? Great opportunity to try out the different styles of bikes. When I took the class, just about all of the bikes were 125cc Kawasaki cruiser style bikes. I like my feet more under me as it's easier to move around or even stand up if you want.

SonjaM said...

No doubt you would pass! Congratulations, again. And bonus, the weather played along.

Dar said...

Strega_Rosa. I really tried to like the Ninjas and the GS 500, but I just found the forward position awkward and hard on the wrists. I also found them front end heavy. Who knows maybe after I rode one for awhile I could get used to it. With Lucy there is no thought or uncomfortable moments.

Richard - Yup there is a final road test and it's tomorrow. Believe it or not the course I took is optional and a rider can take the MSA and the Traffic test without a course.

Sonja - I have been absolutely lucky with the weather and it supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow too. I am going to be glad when all the test anxiety is over.

Turtle said...

Thanks for sharing the experience!

Anyone who has been through something like this, knows how special this time is. :-)