Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bwahhhha!! Happy Hallowe'en!!!!!

I have to admit Hallowe'en is one of my favorite holidays.  Every year I decorate the house and make it a scary place to come and ask for candy.  My neighborhood kids love coming to our house and they bring their friends who have never experienced my witchingly scary behavior.  I do very theatrical make-up and stand as stiff as a statue holding a broom in the front yard. The first time I did it I scared Motorcycle Man and our doggis wouldn't even look at me and cowered in the corner.  Motorcycle Man is a key player in my little macabre theatre performance, he plays the nice guy at the door and then I scare the living pee out of them after they come down the stairs.  I stand as still as a statue and wait for them to get by me on the way out and scare them.  One little kid came up to me and said to his dad, "She's not real is she dad, she's not real." His dad knew and said, "Nope she's not real."  Bwahhha! This little kid came up to me and poked me in my tummy a couple of times and I didn't even flinch.  When the weevil came down the stairs and was beside me I let out a witchy cackle and threatened to put him in my stew pot or turn him into a wee froggy.  He screamed and almost peed his pants.  His dad was in stitches and found it hilarious.  (I generally wait for a nod from the parents that it is okay to scare their offspring.)

I thought my motorcycle license looked bad!  I am just Boo-tiful!

I am however a witch with a consciences, I don't scare little tiny kids or pregnant women - I accidentally did that one year and the lady peed her pants and almost went into labour. Whoops! ( I think that was a bad karma getting moment)  So if you are sending your evil weevils to my house prepared for them to need pampers.

Happy Hallowe'en!!!!  Bwahhhhaaaaaa!!!!!


Trobairitz said...

Is it wrong to love the way your socks look with your outfit in the pic of you on the porch? I don't know why but I think it is a way cool picture, but i can't look away from the socks.

Have fun scaring the kiddies.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - I loved the socks with it too, I am a funky witch with a little *ahem* panache. Its pretty fun alright.