Saturday, June 4, 2011

This little Piggy went for a scooter ride and didn't come home......

This little Piggy cried "Wee wee wee" all the way home!

Okay I know I am a newb to scootering, but I have been riding for 28 years 2-up on the back of motorcycle man's ride and we always wear gear.  Today was one of the most gorgeous days we have had for a long time in Victoria, its about 80 degrees, hot and stunningly sunny.  So what did I do?  I like  the many scooter obsessed and motorcycle addicted riders went for a ride along scenic Dallas Road.  It seems that EVERYONE had the same idea. I must have seen well over 40 motorcycles and scooters.  Most riders had gear on (the middle aged ones anyway - *the age with wisdom thing)  I saw every variety of rider from young to old, 2-up on motorcycle and scooter and then the subcategory TOURIST on a rental scooter.   (I guess I am a scooter snob)  

Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that the tourist on the rental scoot wants to see our fair island, but honestly PLEASE PUT ON GEAR, something that is going to protect your bits and parts!  If you are going to rent a scooter at least wear sneakers and NOT FLIP FLOPS!!  Scooters and motorcycles are FLIP FLOP FREE zones.   

I stopped at a look-out on King George Terrace and 3 TOURIST dudes pulled up beside me to take in the stunning vista and snap some pics.  2 of them had on somewhat appropriate riding clothes; long pants and sneaks, but the 3rd tourist dude who we will call Mr. Road Rash was wearing shorts and flip flops.  It makes me crazy when I see this.  We had a nice little chat and I casually mentioned to Mr. Road Rash his poor choice in footwear and he might want to consider getting a pair of sneaks on soon.  He said, "Yah, it was sort of a spur moment thing and we hadn't planned on doing this."  I wished them well and said, "I hope all of your little piggies make it home intact and not lying alone in the middle of the road somewhere."  He visibly shivered at that and I think I made my point.  I was geared up in my jacket, gloves, jeans and boots.  I was a little toasty, but honestly its better than having road rash from head to toe and having to watch  paramedics look for a lost little piggy in the middle of the road.  *SHIVER* At least my little piggies are saying "Wee wee wee" and are making it home.  Nuff said.

My preferred scooter shoe is the one on the right - good sturdy leather boots!



Circle Blue said...

With it being in the mid-90F's here I saw very few folks with gear. I did see a guy on a BMW wearing as much gear as me, but other than that it was tee-shirt and shorts. All were wearing helmets because Missouri still has a mandatory law, but that was it. It didn't matter if we were talking sports bike or cruisers or scooters. Lots of woman riding pillion on cruisers were wearing shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops. Oh well, I'd rather not have road rash. I read somewhere recently a rider sharing his stock answer when someone asks him, "Aren't you hot in that stuff." His response is, "It beats the alternative." I was reminded of this as I read you saying much the same thing. I, too, want my piggies to get home where they belong and the rest of me, too.

Thanks for the share,

David Masse said...

It never ceases to amaze how few PTW riders wear the right gear. Once you start wearing armored gear and a full face helmet you just feel naked without it.

Dar said...

Keith and David,

I know, I just can't even think about getting on the scoot without my stuff. One dude asked me if I was hot, I said yup, but I like my skin too much. Once I took out the extra liners and got the coat down to the mesh sleeves and opened all the vents I was golden. You are both right, you feel naked without all the gear. I couldn't even think of not going without the full face helmet. I guess if you have fallen you have learned the lesson of how important it is to have the safety aspects covered. I guess when people are on holiday and renting scooters they think nothing can happen to them because they are on vacation right. More bad stuff happens to people on vacation because they throw caution to the wind.

When I was getting the bone scan the other day (because of my wipe-out in January) the tech was telling me he rode and wears full gear. He told me to look for Road Rash Queen on Youtube. I did and it just confirmed my feelings all over again about ATGATT. Scooter/motorcycle safety = FULL GEAR.

I think this is going to be a fave rant of mine on my blog - sorry it is the mom in me.

Thanks for dropping by!