Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 15 WASN'T just the day the Canucks lost & there was a riot

I didn't put the true number of candles, if I did we would
have had a major fire and they don't allow that much
open flame without a permit......

The hearts inscription reads ~ Never drive faster than
your guardian angel can fly!  On the flip side 'Scooter Diva'

Scooter was ready for Canuck Celebration,
 but instead it was ready for my birthday celebration.

I have recovered from my Canuck induced depression and finally feel like writing a little blog post.  June 15th, may have been a bad day for hockey fans & the city of Vancouver, but for me it was my birthday.  In amongst the chaos of the evening and being glued to the television breaking news, we ate cake and opened presents.  I received pretty cool presents from my daughter and motorcycle man.  Motorcycle man told me to go buy the textile pants I want, only trouble is I haven't made up my mind.  My wonderful daughter gave me a guardian angel for my scoot and had it engraved, she also gave me a heart box with "best mom" on it.  I loved my little Tinkerbell cake it was just the right size and was so yummy!  


Circle Blue said...

Happy belated birthday!

I'm glad you are over your "Canuck induced depression" and feel like writing again.

Good luck on finding the right pants. I have 5 pair and am still not completely pleased. Oh well.

Dar said...

Thanks Keith!

What brands of pants have you bought? I am torn between Joe Rocket alter ego and some icon pants. Just not sure.

The hockey thing was making me crazy. It has been super busy at work too.

Kemi said...

What great gifts! Happy Birthday again! :)

Dar said...

Thanks Kemi!! How are you & Sam doing?