Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dreamy summer Sunday!

Today was the perfect day to kick back and just relax with my family.  My dad paid us a surprise visit which was great!  I threw a picnic together and went off to the beach.  It was wonderful just to sit, soak up some vitamin D and just chill. Oh Mother Nature I have so missed your sunny demeanor these past months, please don't tease us with just 2 days, could we please have some more sun??? PLEASE!!!!  Motorcycle man drove the van with our daughter and two of her friends and I rode my scoot.  Poppa followed behind in his truck.  Afterwards we went to a Victoria institution the Beacon Drive-in and had ice cream, they have been slinging burgers, fries, corn dogs and soft ice cream since 1958.  I have told the kids if they are hungry they can fend for themselves and there are some banana blueberry pancakes left over from the morning.  Now if I could just get motorcycle man to get motivated to get the collector insurance plates for his bike we could go for a tootle.  Here are a couple of pics from this weekend.  

Look carefully at the pic.

Kites at Clover Point.  

Sail boats off Oak Bay

Orca Topiary downtown

This was my weekend!!!!  Now if only Mr. Sun would stay awhile and chase away the winter blues for a few months!


SonjaM said...

It looks like you had a blast on your lil' scooter. From the looks of your blog it seems that you will need a rider endorsement and a lot more cc's to satisfy your scooter madness. Keep on rolling... beautiful set of pictures. BC rocks when the sun shines, doesn't it?

Dar said...

Thanks! Everywhere is gorgeous when it is sunny. You are right about the motorcycle endorsement, I need to get off my duff and stay off the scooter long enough to read the book, study, write the learners and take the motorcycle safety course and get some more cc's. My vino got me on the road and as soon as I started riding I became scooter obsessed & wanting more power to go places. Totally loving the freedom I get with the scoot.

Circle Blue said...

Great photos. I loved the no cycling on path shot.

It didn't take me long to want more cc's, I've ridden nearly 10,000mi. (16,000km) on my Symba and love it dearly, but I wonder where at least 150cc's would have taken me.

Thanks for the share,

Belkwinith said...

Your BF needs to RIDE WITH YOU. If he says you can't keep up than the both of you should look for a classic used vespa or something for him to ride at a slower pace. Men love toys and if it is done right, he will really enjoy it. Or... I hate to say it, you may need to get a 250cc just to keep up with him. Kymcos are pretty small and easy to handle. It might be time for you to upgrade. Plus he needs to get on the stick with the insurance... that isn't even that expensive! You can insure your bike for only the few months that you ride it. My BF's motorcycle is insured for only 6 months a year. It only costs him about $150.00 and that seems pretty good to me. Either way.. He needs to ride with you because it is pretty fun.

Dar said...

Bel - I think I need to upgrade too. I have to get reading and stop procrastinating. I know we would have a blast. He would never buy a scoot for himself, so I have to do the adjusting.

Keith I feel the same you never know where the extra cc's will take you. I am off today so I am going to head out for a scooter ride & bring my camera.

bobskoot said...


the quest for cc'itis never stops. Just decide where you want to go, and what size you need to do it. It will all fall into place. I had a Kymco 250 B&W and it was too small for our mountains. I went to Kelowna over the Coquihalla mountain highway, but in Victoria with your flat landscape, 250cc may be just fine

Riding the Wet Coast

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Dar said...

Bob - I know all about the cc-itis, about 3 weeks after I got the scoot I was ready for more power. I have to get off the scoot (lol) and read the ICBC roadsense for motorcyclists and get in, write the test and take the course and then we will go from there. It might even be a motorcycle, if I can swing it I still want to keep my scoot she is perfect for in town.

Pam: Thanks! It was an amazing day, but I had an even better one today! I am going to do a post on it in a few minutes. Glory Hallelujah for sun today!