Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lack of scooter parking spaces & parking security

I have an issue with my fair garden city of Victoria, it doesn't have enough secure scooter/motorcycle friendly parking.  There are lots of parkades, but honestly I don't even park my car in them because of people breaking in and stealing whatever is in the car, a gum wrapper on the seat is enough to give some the incentive to bust the lock.   I have gone downtown a couple of times and found a 'small car' space  and lucked out, but there is usually only one of these spaces per block. The powers that be are trying to make the city more bicycle friendly, but its definitely not geared to the motorized variety.  A lot of folks in the scooting and motorcycle community bike year round here and it would be great if we had some decent designated parking.  I would love to see some scoot/motorcycle parking that has something that you could chain your scoot up to, so it will be there when you come out.  Every time I walk away from my scoot I wonder if it is going to be there when I come out and its no fun having to worry about this all the time.   Scooter and motorcycle thefts are on the upswing because of the cost of gas.  Every day I see several scooter alerts on twitter announcing another scooter theft and my heart sinks.

So Mr. Mayor lets get some scooter  parking happening!


David Masse said...

Hi Dar, nice blog. I added a link to it on my blog and you're welcome to do the same. I bought my Corazzo 5.0 jacket and Tourmaster pants from scooter underground in Victoria, and that's also where I rode my first scooter that I rented across from the Empress.

Dar said...

Hi David Thanks! I like your blog too and will add it to my blog roll as well. I read your post about you starting out your scooter adventure in Victoria. I bet though you had proper clothing on and not flip flops. Montreal looks beautiful to scoot around.

Belkwinith said...

Yep, Glad I have a BV 500. It would take some real muscle power to pick it up and steal it.
In Chicagoland, we just park our bikes like cars. There is a big motorcycle culture here and we park like cars. The only worry now is that we both purchased nicer helmets and now we need to lock them to the scooter and the bike. Before we just used to leave them on the seats and not worry. : ) Keep blogging!

Dar said...

Hey Bel! My scoot only weighs about 200 lbs, hub and I can lift it into our van easily. Next scoot I get is going to be bigger.

I usually drag my helmet around with me. I love your new helmet, great color. The parking is terrible here. The only time I had good parking so far this year was at the scooter rally - lol. I am thinking about getting a scooter alarm.
I like your blog too!