Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seat covers by Scootalong

Do you want your scooter to look posh, have flare and be chic?  Then you will want to check out this store Scootalong Scooter Seat covers.  I purchased a fashionable zebra cover for my little vino. Scootalong's seat covers are wonderfully well made.  It just adds that extra zip and panache to my scoot.  Check out Scootalong's store and while you are there have a look around at other  unique & beautiful items on the other stores such as this wonderfully scented soap by Orangethyme.  (Yup this is a shameless plug for my friend & I am happy to do it!)  **In Canada the Honda Metro is marketed as a Honda Jazz.

Lovely little bag by Scootalong & soap by Orangethyme on made the handmade soap.

Scoot Panache!  Zebra seat cover.


Anonymous said...

Panache! Indeed!! I wish your friend many sales!

Dar said...

They are so cute, it was hard to decide, actually makes the seat more comfortable.