Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring on the Island.

 Deb and I went for a Monday afternoon tootle.  It was gorgeous out and not cold at all.  We found ourselves at Esquimalt Lagoon.  It was lovely and several bikes went by, so it is indeed moto season.

 This is my buddy Moosey - not very original, but my hub gave him to me when we were dating.


Trobairitz said...

Oooooh the moose is loose.....

Great pictures. Looks like a beautiful day for a ride.

Did your rains come back? Ours did.

Dar said...

They did, it was a misty day here all day. Cleared up just in time for me to go home, which was great. I am hoping for a nice weekend, I am going riding on Saturday. The temp is much warmer. How has the temp been in Oregon?

SonjaM said...

I like the new spring outfit of your blog. Nice!

This year we definitely want to visit the island. Your pictures are calling me. Maybe we can go for a ride together.

Fuzzy said...

I like your new blog theme!

The fuzzy swan looks sweet. And the lighthouse is lovely.

Hope spring is finally here to stay!

Dar said...

Sonja - Let me know and I will make time and we will go riding!!! Thanks, I like the green it is really spiffy and quite cheery.

Fuzzy - Why Thank you! Swans are deceptive creatures, they look serene and beautiful, but if you tick them off they are like geese, they go on the attack. I think spring is finally here to stay. The temperature is definitely warmer.