Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rider's For Safety 2012

 2nd Annual Rider's For Safety riding event. 

When: Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Where Savage Cycles Parking lot
(2956 West Shore Parkway  Victoria, BC)

Time:  12:15pm

Route:  The Malahat Highway to Mill Bay area and returning to Savage Cycles.

We will be returning to Savage Cycles and there will be a moment of silence to remember those who have lost their lives on this road.  Please show your support by attending.  

 Riders For Safety 2011, Malahat Fire Chief Robert Patterson and Dave Rogers VISC instructor, this was taken during the moment of silence to remember all those who died on the Malahat.

Rider's for Safety was formed in November 2011 to advocate  for a safer and better Malahat Highway for all road users.  We tragically lost several motorcyclists as the result of head on motor vehicle accidents when oncoming cars crossed the centre line.  Approximately 300 Motorcyclists attended the ride to show respect and support our call to the Government for action.  Riders For Safety and other Malahat stakeholders successfully lobbied the Provincial Government to make safety changes for the Trans Canada #1 Malahat highway.  A traffic study was done and a number of safety recommendations have been made and many will be implemented in the coming months. 

This year Riders for Safety is focussing on SAFE riding practices and our group advocates for motorcycle safety, awareness and training. We are asking the public not  to judge us all by the actions of one careless/reckless individual. As a community we do not condone the actions of those who drive recklessly and without care for others who share the roadway. 

Please wear appropriate riding gear.  You are responsible for your own safety and liability.  You must be able to maintain highway speed on your bike.

Most Riders wore a caution sign with a picture of their loved ones, friends and families to show other road users who we have to come home safely to, this was mine.


BeemerGirl said...

Love YOUR picture and what a great cause.

Trobairitz said...

I agree with Lori great picture and a great cause.

Fingers are crossed you have warm dry weather for the ride.

Pam said...

Sounds like an awesome event!

Dar said...

BeemerGirl, Trobairitz and Pam - Thank you I find that picture with the caption heart wrenching if you look at the meaning of it. It was hard work putting the ride together last year and we did it in less than a week. We acheived the results we wanted and now it is a memorial ride and a ride to raise awareness with May being Motorcycle month.

Cheers Ladies!

VStar Lady said...

You are making a difference - well done.