Monday, April 9, 2012


We tootled up the Malahat & stopped at 'The Hat' to turn around and go back down.
I have been away from the blog for the last 2 weeks.  I was feeling a little out of sorts and combined that with a very busy schedule it sometimes makes things wait.  In this case it was the blogs turn to chill on the back burner a bit.  Spring has finally decided to come to the Island.  Oh! Miss Spring you are gladly and heartily welcome here by this winter worn Princess Scooterpie/Moto_Diva.  I have officially commuted all four seasons and think of myself as a rider now (I felt like I was a pretender there for a bit or poser if you will)  I am an All Season Road Warrior Princess!

This weekend had a little bit of riding in it, a little bit of family stuff, and a little bit more riding! Motorcycle Man, Scooterpie Jr and I took to the road on Friday as a family unit.  We road some twisties and then out for a bite of lunch in the GORGEOUS sunshine!!!!!  After Scooterpie Jr nestled in for the afternoon, Motorcycle Man and I went for a ride up the Malahat and I GOT TO RIDE HIS 750 MONSTER!!! YEAH BABY!! I am certainly glad she isn't my bike, because I could see my self getting into issues with speeding.

   Motorcycle Man and Scooterpie Jr. Notice her new bike jacket - Happy Easter!  Fully armored & cute.

Easter Sunday dawned and was spectacularly sunny and warmer than it has been for the last few days.  After church we were going up Island to have a family supper with my folks, my sister and her beau.  When I pulled up in front of the house after church Motorcycle Man had Scarlet out on the street, he was checking her oil, adjusting her tire pressure and making sure she was road ready.  I had only given riding to Nanaimo a passing thought because the weather was supposed to change to rain, but all it took was an encouraging nod and smile from him and I was off!  He followed behind with Scooterpie Jr in the car and she was shooting video and pictures of me riding over the Malahat and up the Island Highway.  I was happily cruising at the speed limit and it felt really comfortable riding Scarlet, I could have ridden for 1,000 miles.  

I saw a few other folks on bikes, got the wave and it still makes me break out in a goofy grin. There was one doofus on a sport bike  who snuggled up close behind Scarlet in our lane and then decided to pass on the right - it is jerks like that who give the rest of us a bad reputation and he decided speeding was a good thing too.  Whateva! just stay away from me and we are all good.  All I have to say to him is -"GRASS HOPPER, you will learn that speed does not always get you to your destination and sometimes it takes you to places you do not really want to go."

Scooterpie Jr, had the camera hanging out the window on telephoto, so its a little blurry.  BTW I was well back from their car, I was using all my road tools and making sure I had good space margins around my bike and using the 2-3 second rule.

Thank goodness for great gear!  It still is a little nippy this time of the year and I was toasty as a bug in a rug on a winter night. Speaking of bugs, I am glad I had my visor down, I got smacked with something ginormous that splatted - ICK!

Motorcycle Man is really thrilled with my bike, he is very happy with its performance and that it fits me like a glove.  I love Scarlet she rocks!  I kicked her into overdrive and just cruised, I am quite content  doing the posted speed and it is definitely not about speed for me.  The best part was when people went by and saw me riding a couple of them smiled, a few little kids in back seats waved and pointed.  So I guess an old lady on a bike is a cool thing. 


bobskoot said...


I must be looking at the wrong photos. I don't see any old ladies, I only see you.

Didn't it feel great to have your own film crew ?

Sunday was sunny and almost warm. If it weren't for the night time temperatures you would have thought Spring had arrived

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Great photos. Aren't you glad the weather has improved? I am glad you got a few rides in.

Not cool being passed on the right. I had that happen yesterday too. A guy on a cruiser with loud pipes (no not a Harley) passed me on the right in my lane between me and the car beside me to get around the car.

Raftnn said...

I wondered where you had got to?

Good to see pics of you riding....may your summer be long!

Dar said...

Bob - sometimes I feel like I am 1,000 years old! It is pretty cool having someone capture my escapades!

Trobairitz - I am soooo happy it was beautiful this weekend, the forecast kept changing and they were calling for rain. But instead we had sun! Yeah Baby! I could feel my bones defrosting from all the cold winter weather.

Raftnn - It was a hard two weeks and when I'm not out and about riding, it leaves for very little in the photo department. We had a lot of rain and I just did not feel like doing any extended trips in the soggy weather.

Had some great riding all weekend and it was good just to have to squint because of the sun shine!

Andrew said...

Great you could get out and about. It certainly seems like you've picked the right bike - at least until you fall in love with something different!

We're heading into autumn (my favourite time for riding) and we had superb weather over Easter. I could (should) have ridden all day, every day...

Richard Machida said...

It looked like a nice day to be out and about. Our Spring keeps threatening to show up then we get a bit more snow...

Dar said...

Andrew - Fall is one of my favorite times too, usually brilliant sunny days and the leaves changing color makes for a picturesque ride. Enjoy your weather! My bike is the perfect fit, the seat is a little on the tall side when I am getting off. Do you get snow in your part of the world?

Richard - Awww that really bites! I remember those days up in Northern BC, spring didn't usually happen until May. Hope it gets nice soon so you can get back out on the road!

David Masse said...

Dar, very cool to have action shots! We want video, we want video, we want video, we want video, we want video!!!!

Dar said...

Lol I will figure out how to post it.

ToadMama said...

Welcome back! Yay Spring! I love the action photos, too.

BeemerGirl said...

SWEET!! I'll bet you had a grin ear to ear the entire time. Isn't it pathetic that we can be coaxed to ride by a good man just having the bike out, tires filled up and ready go? isn't that pathetic. ;)

Dar said...

ToadMama - I am overjoyed that spring is here. I ws getting winter weary!

BeemerGirl - So true, but it never really takes much to coax me out onto the bike.