Thursday, April 12, 2012

Search words for Scooterpie

Every few months I like to post the searches that people have used to find Scooterpie. 

22 people searched:  Scooterpie
3 - my new iphone
2 - antibullying logo
2 - suzuki bandit custom pain spider
1 - 2012 Vancouver motorcycle show
1- 83 honda magna v45 paint design
1 - bike scoot
1 - cherry blossom tree victoria
1 - gremlin bells
1 - pink helmet motorcycle girl

My most favorite one that made me roar with laughter - hiviz dirty girl  


Raftnn said...

One of my blogs is called "Spy pics", that goy searched from Afganastan 9 times....thought that was kinda funny.

bobskoot said...


I did it and it works !

I used "hiviz dirty girl" and you are number #1, but you already knew this !

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Richard Machida said...

So, when are you going to change the name of the blog? Since you mentioned it everyone is going to try it out....

Dar said...

LOL you guys are too funny! Bob you are a bad one! So should we call it Hiviz dirty girl? Good grief I think I could get into trouble here. lol

Trobairitz said...

You dirty dirty girl......

We knew you were sassy, but this is too funny.

Good stuff.