Sunday, April 15, 2012

Profile of a female Rider ~ Helmet or heels blog

Fellow Moto blogger Helmet or Heels sent out a call to female riders.  She is profiling female riders to let the world know about us and why we ride.  She sent us a list of questions and asked for pictures.  This is awesome!  She profiled ME yesterday, *blushing*.  It is wonderful to read about my two wheeled sisters and see why they are interested in riding and how they got started and what they ride.  It is such a diverse group, with women who have been riding since they were teens or younger to oldsters like me who started lated in life.  One common thread that seems to run through us all is our sense of adventure and that we love riding passionately.  I invite you to check in and read her lovely blog.

Pam you are doing a wonderful job and the collages are beautiful!  Thank you for sharing our stories!!

You also need to do one on yourself too!

Click here ***Helmet or Heels female rider profile series - Awesome read


Raftnn said...

There you go FAMOUS!!! Welldone, very nice article by theway.

SonjaM said...

Pam does a great job rounding up all those moto ladies. Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of the community.

BeemerGirl said...

Great little write up! Totally cool! I know someone famous. Hehehe. I enjoyed the stories you shared. Beading?? All right!! Me too.

Shybiker said...

When I first saw her series, I was hoping she'd profile you. You are one of the most interesting bloggers because of your charming personality.

Dar said...

Rafttn - lol ME famous - maybe a little infamous at times. Pam knew just what questions to ask, I was thrilled to do it!

Sonja - She does a great job on her blog. Last year she did a collage of called "What do Women Riders look like" At that point I was riding the scooter and there was no motorcycle on my horizon! My how things have changed.

BeemerGirl - I am just plain old me! This whole blogging thing has been a wonderful experience. I have to dig out the beads again, its been awhile. Beading is totally addictive! Nice to know we have more hobbies other than motorcycle!

Shybiker - Thank you, you are so kind! I like your comments on the series because they are very encouraging! Pam has a great series I can hardly wait to see who else is featured. It is great to see how women get started in biking. BTW when & how did you start riding???