Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vancouver Motorcycle Show 2012

Ducati Monster - lowered version
Today was a very special day, it was the day I was going to go to the Vancouver Motorcycle Show!  I have been looking forward to this event for awhile and am so glad that Mother Nature cooperated! The only downside to the day was that my hub Motorcycle Man couldn't make it because Motorcycle Daughter has been battling influenza for the last week.  They both gave me their blessing to go and I truly thank them for this opportunity, I do have the best hub and daughter.  The day was an early one, I was up at 4:15am, made breakfast and coffee, and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Cindy, one of my partners in crime to pick me up so we could meet up with Deb another riding diva and our fearless friends Kevin and Martin.  (I do not think the fellas realized what they were getting themselves into.)  We arrived at the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal for the 7:00am sailing and had a great trip over. Hyper on caffeine and excitement we arrived in Abbotsford at Tradex for the Vancouver Motorcycle show.  

At long last I met my moto blogger friend Bob of Bobskoot fame! We(s)tCoastScootin  It was wonderful finally to meet the man who inspires me to take pictures and has offered friendship and encouragement to me when I started my scooter/motorcycling and blogging journey.  It didn't feel like I was meeting him for the first time, it felt as though we have been friends forever!!  I introduced him to my cohorts and off we went.

                                                 My dear friend Bob

A Triumph Bonneville SE- dream, to hope, to perhaps have one day! This bike sings to my soul!  (But please don't mention that to my new bike Scarlett or my Scoot Vixen)

It was so fun, we laughed the whole way there and eagerly waited in line for tickets and to get in.  Then the real fun began!!!!  I WAS IN MOTO DIVA HEAVEN!!!!!!!!! For as far as the eye could see it was wall to wall bikes, Honda, Triumph, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley, BMW, Victory, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Aprillia - it was like a veritable bike candy store!  I must have sat on 30 or more bikes.  It was great wandering around to the different dealers and trying out their bikes.  I tried everything, cruiser, sport, dual sport, OH MY GOSH!  We stopped by the gear vendors and checked out what they had, tried on helmets, gloves, looked at boots, jackets, shoes, pants, heated grips, tank bags and other moto luggage. My brain was in overload.  I am definitely going back next year and I am planning to go to the Seattle show in December this year.

                Bob and I found this helmet vendor & we both tried some cute little helmets.

                                              This may be my new helmet!

After trying many bikes I realized in the world of motorcycle sadly height does make a difference. The average height of Canadian women is 5'3 3/4", American women average height is about 5'4" to 5'5". The one thing I would say to the different motorcycle companies is: PLEASE MAKE SOME MORE OF THESE GREAT BIKES FOR WOMEN- YOU JUST HAVE TO MAKE THEM A LITTLE SMALLER OR LOWER.  We aren't all just about cruisers and sometimes that is what we end up settling for because everything else is too big or too tall. We want to try adventure bikes, dual sports and even fast racey sportbikes.  I hate having to do acrobatics to get on and off a bike and really it shouldn't be that hard.  DUCATI got it right, they had a Monster lowered version, that is definitely on my top 3.

I found the Triumph Bonneville SE of my dreams, this bike sings to my soul. I had to stop and drool over it and it's still my dream bike. Another bike that rounded out my top 3 was the Suzuki Gladius - I believe my friend Trobairitz rides this lovely little number. and seeing it up close I can certainly understand her love of this little gem.  My friend Deb fell in love with the Gladius and the lowered Ducati Monster.  My other girlfriend Cindy was loving the larger cc V-star cruisers and Harleys.  I also liked the Ducati Diavel it just appeals to the daredevil vixen in me.  We had a blast with Bob and he happily trudged along with us and we talked about the different bikes and I have to say I actually sat on a few that I wouldn't have had Bob not given me a nudge and encouraged me to give it a try.  I tend to shy away from the bigger bikes due to my height.  I tried a few maxi scoots and decided that I like scoots, but these scoots are just too big and heavy. I think I would miss the thrill of shifting.  A fun day was had by all, I am happy, contented and exhausted and I am sure in my dreams tonight I will hear a vroom sound and images of the bikes that may someday be mine.  I may finally be able to start my seven day bike list, but I think I need to go and test drive one or two! It was all a blur after awhile. All three of us girls were very happy Moto Divas.  

PS Today is my 1 year moto anniversary!  1 year ago today I test drove an orange Sym Mio and two days later I owned my beautiful Vixen, a 50cc Yamaha Vino!  I have progressed a lot in those 12 months from a 50cc scoot, to motorcycle endorsement and my first bike Lucy my Honda CM450e and now my beloved Scarlett Vixen, my Honda Shadow VT500c.  OH WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN!

                                            This made me laugh! love it!

Now who wouldn't want to throw a leg over a bike that has lights & sirens - You knew I would have to sit on this baby.  Funny he wouldn't let me turn it on or play with the lights - DARN!  When I asked the policeman what he thought about scooters, his reply was  "I don't" I had to laugh at that.  Oh and by the way if you saw off the pedals on an E-bike it is now considered a motorcycle and you will be fined for not having a license, insurance or plates - I didn't know this, learn something new everyday.
This was just too cute not to take a picture of, we did ask permission first.
                     Yup my eyes were closed I was envisioning riding twisties!

                               A girl has to try everything.

             Deb of Adventure Kiwi blog & Bob of Bobskoot: Wet Coast Scooting blog

    Deb on a Suzuki Gladius - I think this may be her next bike!  I love the headlight on this bike.

    Another shot of the Ducati Monster lowered version

Cindy on her  favorite ride - it was a beautiful bike!

This little Ducati makes me giggle when I look at the picture, it looks like a little bug or alien.  I know, I know, or mabye it was because I was up at 4:15am.....You decide.
        Moto Guzi - this is definitely a BAD GIRL bike! it appeals to my edgy side.
                            I climbed under this display rope to get this picture!

More to come, this tired Princess Scooterpie is heading to the the land of nod, where I am going to be riding the bikes of my dreams!  



Trobairitz said...

What an awesome day. I am glad you got to meet Bobskoot. He is one cool cat.

And all those bikes. We would have loved to go this year but the timing was wrong.

Great pictures. It looks like you had two tons of fun.

I am glad you liked the Bonneville and Ducati Monster, both on my short list before buying the Gladius.

Looking forward to more pics.

SonjaM said...

Wasn't it a great show? We hadn't planned on going this year but a friend of ours wanted to check it out for this first motorcycle (he has a license from the UK since years but never had a bike...). I was impressed how many exhibitors and people were around. I continue to dream about my Bonnie now...
I had test-ridden a Duc in Europe, it becomes very uncomfortable after a short while, certainly no touring bike but sexy nevertheless.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - I think on my short list there would be: A Triumph Bonneville, Gladius, Ducati Monster, Honda Shadow Aero and then I would have to think some more.

I was wonderful to meet Bob! We did have so much fun!

Sonja - I wish I knew you were going! It would have been nice to meet you too! It was a great bike show and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

VStar Lady said...

Wow - looks like you had lots of fun! It's always nice to see what's out there, I especially like looking a gear and accessories.

kiwi_deb said...

Princess Scooterpie - what is there left to was an amazing day and you and I are trouble wrapped up in two short packages...I am working on my blog too!

Dar said...

VStar Lady - it was an amazing day! I was surprised that there wasn't more gear there. There is definitely a lack in gear for women and it is fairly evident when you go to a show.

Kiwi_Deb - I had a blast with you & Cindy and I can hardly wait until our next big adventure!

Unknown said...

Dar: & Deb & Cindy:

It was great to meet up with all of you, time was too short, it would have been great to go somewhere for a relaxing dinner. As Sonja said, our Vancouver show was many times better than the one in Seattle, more vendors and much more busy, all of the parking lots were nearly full and it was shoulder to shoulder people. I was glad to be able to follow you all around for a few hours

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Bob - we enjoyed spending the afternoon with you. We are really getting a community of motorcyclists together! The day was too short & it would have been great to kick back & have dinner & a glass of wine. I thought the show was excellent and was very happy with the different bike companies that had their bikes at the show. It was a great day!

RichardM said...

It looks like there was a very nice selection of bikes and vendors. And a pretty good turnout too. I think that our population is too small to host a motorcycle show that extensive.

Dar said...

Richard - it was an awesome trade show. I even picked up a magnetic tank bag which was a good size for $35. We have the same problem on the Island of being too small to host a big show. Logistically for the manufacturers it would be a nightmare because of getting the bikes to the Island and people being able to travel to the show easily.

I sure enjoyed myself. I am still in love with the Triumph Bonneville SE and think that a Ducati Monster Lowered version is my next choice and then I would look at a Suzuki Gladius. Loved the Beemers just can't afford them. It was a blast!

Bluekat said...

Isn't it fun to meet fellow bloggers. So scary before hand, and then when you meet it's like you've been friends for ages. Some great bikes and fun gear. Love the helmets and the "scooter trash" patch - lol.

Dar said...

Bluekat - we had a blast! Blogging is the modern day equivalent of pen pals, quite often in the past people would pen letters to people they didn't know and lasting friendships were formed. The bike show was great and we had fun goofing around. I loved the scooter trash patch, I didn't buy it though and regretted it afterwards. I texted a friend who was still there and they picked it up for me! Yay!

David Masse said...

Great job reporting with Bob on the show. Very nice to see bloggers meeting up and posting different vantage points on the same event. I really look forward to doing the same.

Dar said...

David - It is nice to see people connecting. The show was great and Bob has been before so he was introducing me to vendors and giving the skinny on stuff. It is good to go to a show with someone who knows a lot about motorcycles. It was a long day, but it was so much fun!

Joe C said...

Hey Dar, great pics from Vancouver! Love that Ariel bike - really caught my eye. I've also always lusted after the Bandit 1250 (now GSX1250FA) that your friend Bob is posing on.

So many bikes, so little time...

Nice 'meeting' you today on Twitter and my blog. Hope to keep in touch!


Dar said...

Joe - thanks for stopping by! Loved the Ariel too, very beautiful bike.

Katelynn Woodbury said...

Yep, this is definitely a paradise for bike lovers. I love the fact that they let you sit on the bikes. I’m sure it gave all sorts of feelings to those who attended. On a related note, I’m happy to see that you share your passion for motorcycles as a family. :D