Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More pics of the Vancouver Motorcycle Show

There truly was something for everyone at this show.


Trobairitz said...


Looks like there were a lot of cool bikes there. Nice to see so many Triumphs too.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - I definitely have a thing for triumphs! They have very pretty bikes, clean lines. Oh my I could go on and on.

bobskoot said...


I'm so glad you managed to grab lots of photos. I mean, we were both together and it didn't make sense for me to snap duplicates of what you already "snapped", but I did get some crowd shots to show how busy it was. And also I was working on your screen debut.

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Bob it was a great video! I had a ton of fun and am eagerly anticipating next year's show. It was pretty busy there wasn't it. I think I missed a few exhibits here and there because I was so busy looking everywhere. Had fun!

bobskoot said...


I found out that Mary is selling Mrs Skoot's scooter, the one we sold her last May the day before we came over for the Rally.


It is a great machine, and goes fast. Has the 70cc kit, etc

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Wow she is selling the little scooter? Did she take her motorcyle license and upgrade or is she just giving up scooting?

Circle Blue said...

Great pictures.

You are quite the star. I loved bob's video of you. I have no hair so helmet hair isn't a problem, but you tried on all those helmets and your hair stayed looking great.

When we meet I want your autograph!

VStar Lady said...

I can almost feel the wind on my face - what better way to fill in the winter days than taking pictures of a great collection of bikes.

Raftnn said...

Somwe of thoses trumphys a re looking mighy fine!

Richard Machida said...

Thank you for posting all of the pictures. Especially for those of us with insufficient population to support a "real" motorcycle show.

Is it just me or is there a really strong Triumph undercurrent here...

Dar said...

Circle Blue - Bob is quite the photographer, you don't even know he is taking your picture, he has this down to quite an art. The secret to the hair is that there is no style to it. lol its stick straight & fine. You should see it though after an intense day of riding, it does not like it did at the motorcycle show! Oy I wish I had thick wavy hair.

Vstar Lady - It is sunny here today, my bike doesn't have insurance and I would love to be out riding today. I may have to hop on the scooter for my dose of riding mental health, there is no better remedy than a nice twisty road.

Raftnn - The Triumphs were definitely my favorite part of the show. I loved the green Scrambler and of course the Bonnies the SE being my favorite. One day I will have one.

Richard - You are welcome, it was sure something to getting there though. We had snow & wind the few days before and we thought it wasn't going to happen. In fact I was getting downright pouty. I am glad I went on Saturday because the wind was so bad on Sunday that they cancelled all of the sailings from the mainland back to the island and some people were stranded overnight.

Yes there is a strong Triumph undercurrent you weren't imagining it. I just love the look of their bikes.