Saturday, January 28, 2012

Homemade Eggs Benny ~ Princess Scooterpie style


This mornings offerings, eggs Benny Princess Scooterpie style.  Freshly toasted bagels, local bacon & avocado topped with Hollandaise sauce.  Accompanying the eggs we had freshly ground coffee by Fernwood Coffee Company - Strongback blend.  

The other day I weighed myself and had lost 10 pounds, I think I just found the 10 pounds again with this breaky. Tomorrow it will be my traditional smoothy with 1/2 of ground up oatmeal, nope its not gross because I pulverize the oatmeal to dust in my magic bullet.  


Dartmom8 said...


bobskoot said...


I love eggs bennedicts, mmmmm good looking. Have you tried Matticks Farm, they claim to have the best eggs benny on the "Island">

What ! You just lost 10 lbs, I think I found them, you left them with me when you came to Vancouver. wow, 10 lbs, no wonder you look so HOT !

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Dartmom8 - I made them at home.

Bob - I haven't tried Matticks Farm, we usually go to John's Place & have their Benny's they are pretty fabulous, I love the chicken sausage Benny. As for the 10 lbs - lol .

kiwi_deb said...

Yummy Princess Scooterpie - when are you making them again so I can unexpectedly show up? lol

Dar said...

Deb you are so funny! One day we will do brunch & I will make it & you can come over.

Trobairitz said...

Good job on losing 10 lbs.

And the Eggs Benny looks yummy. Was my favorite breakfast before going veggie. I think once I made a veggie version but I can't remember.

Now I am trying to master vegan 'biscuits and country gravy'. It is not good for the waistline either.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - it seems to me everything that tastes yummy usually has a negative impact on the waistline. :)

bobskoot said...

girls, girls . . . :

tsk, tsk, you just worry about the preparing and the eating. Let us guys worry about looking at all your waistlines

Riding the Wet Coast

Benny said...

Can I come over?

VStar Lady said...

The eggs B. look like a weekend, and that always looks delicious ... has something to do with being able to actually sit down and enjoy I think.
You deserve a treat after dropping 10. Well done!

Dar said...

Benny! Hey man how the heck are ya? You coming over for CCSR in te spring?

Vstar Lady - I think I picked the 10 back up tho. Need to stay away from carbs & sugar.