Friday, June 19, 2020

With every season there are changes.

It has been quite awhile since I have visited my blog, I do keep an eye out for spammers and zap their posts because the notifications come to email.  

It has been well over a year since I have blogged anything, the reason is that life has gotten so busy, that there just was not enough time to do anything other than work, eat, sleep, survive.  So here we are today after experiencing a pandemic and still in the midst of it. This has brought change in my life by way of finding time at home to be peaceful and filled with art.  I have taken up painting, mostly rocks, but canvases and drawing.  We have been asked to stay at home and not do any non essential travel and to physical distance.  I was still working through this time period as I was the only one in my office. 

Covid did pay a visit to our house and I had one very sick family member, but all is well now.  I have to say it was very scary and worrisome.  I have never been this afraid ever.  So keep washing your hands and physical distancing, mask wearing is also smart, keep those droplets in!

So here is what is happening with me, I decided that I was no longer going to teach motorcycling and retired this year before the season began.  I did love teaching and loved mentoring, but did it for 5 years and all on weekends and evening extra training sessions.  Over the last two years I had upgraded to teaching classroom theory and traffic instructor taking newbs out on the road.  I work full-time and by the time of the end of riding season I was exhausted because I was working almost 7 days straight and was no logging any seat time on The Duchess.  My hub would say "Let's go for a ride" my response usually was "Can't I'm teaching".  There comes a point where you have to find balance and that time has come.  I want to ride for fun and not have to worry about what kind of mayhem my student(s) are going to cause or get into - trust me I have seen some hair curling stuff.  So that part of my life has happily closed, but I will always be around to mentor and support new riders and be a safety advocate.  Here we are and it's June 19th and I still have not insured my bike! Gotta get on that! 

Another change that has come my way is that I am in the process of a career shift.  The change came back in December when my employer became seriously ill.  I finally wrapped up our office last week and walked out of there for the last time after sitting at that desk for 27 years.  It has been emotionally draining because it was just my boss and me, and I am still worried for my friend.  I have been anxious and at times downright terrified of the 'last day' at work.  But after intensely working to close the office and looking at options, something shifted and I actually found peace. 

Go figure in a pandemic fraught with chaos and fear, I take up painting and that has been my godsend and given me a quietness and contentedness.  I have been looking at options because right now job hunting is difficult.  I am still looking at everything and thinking I no longer want to work in a solo medical practice. I am ready to venture into a work place where I am with others.  The last 6 months being alone in my office has been truly tough and not having any contact with anyone was starving my bubbly soul.  

I'm actually quite excited about finding this new path, I never thought I would say this, particularly thinking back 6 months ago.  I think it feels good to have some forward direction, instead of being stuck to a spot.   I have some leads, I've revamped my resume and have had a few interviews (which after 27 years at one place was interesting).  I have decided I am going to take what is right for me and it may be awhile, but that is perfectly fine. 

Hopefully soon you will see some motorcycle pictures, but we are keeping it local on our island due to the pandemic.  I can't say how often the blogging is going to be happening, because now in my side cases is an art set with pencils, sketch pad, watercolours and watercolour pad.  I'm savouring life a little bit more than I have in quite awhile.

I hope you are all well. 


RichardM said...

Twenty seven years in the same office is a long time. It’ll be a real challenge to adapt to a group environment.

Teaching Moto skills for that long is impressive. Is it time for a road trip?

Dar said...

I don't think we will be road tripping anytime soon due to covid 19. We are going to keep it local for the most part and not leave the Island, We have had no cases in a month here and BC is pretty stable and we have flattened to curve, but all are still anxious about the 'second wave'.

Actually I think I will enjoy the place I am working, I know of the people there already and I an looking forward to more interaction and learning new skills. I should have made a change quite a few years ago, but you get comfortable and get busy with other things and I certainly didn't feel motivated enough for change, I liked my job. But I am looking forward to this new adventure.

Shybiker said...

Great to see you blogging again. See whether it fits into your future plans or not. Either way, thank goodness for FB allowing us to stay in touch.

When I started riding two decades ago, many of my friends were motorcycle-instructors and I gave thought to joining them -- but then realized it would sap the joy out of riding for me. I ride because it makes me happy. Teaching wouldn't do the same and, as you learned, interferes with your time to ride yourself.

So happy you found painting rocks! Creative activity is essential and I'm pursuing some of my own.

Lynne Goebeler said...

I went through the same process you did re: teaching riding years ago, but with scuba diving. It became just another job, on top of my day job, so I understand. Cheers to your new work adventures, and having more time for living! I have really been enjoying your art have a real talent!

Dar said...

Ally, I felt at the time I really wanted to mentor women riders, and I did. I still have students who are asking me if I would teach their friends. But I am happy I retired! I am enjoying my art and will be sending your lovely goodies soon!

Lynn- when the joy goes out of something, it's time to change it up. I just found by the end of teaching/riding season I was exhausted. The rocks have been a creative outlet for me and it makes me feel calmer and happier.