Saturday, June 20, 2020

Blogging again

Blogger has changed a lot since I last used it.  One of the reasons I had given up on blogging is that I couldn't get blogger to work on my iPad or my PC, and it was an exercise in futility trying to get anything posted or upload a picture and I all but abandoned the blog.  Yesterday to my surprise, there is a new version of blogger and it works!  

I have a new iMac which integrates all of my apple products - yay!  I take a lot of photos and it's nice that pictures automatically show up on my desktop, and I can happily and easily upload pictures of my adventures to the blog without a struggle.  So here's to blogging again! 

Here's to more adventures!  

PS - Comment moderation is stilll on this blog.  


Troubadour said...

That's the main reason why we stopped blogging, it was difficult to post, comment, and reply. The only way it would work is to sign in with Firefox. I'm in Safari now, we'll see if this works.

Dar said...

I'm using an iMac and it works great. I did switch to their new format, as the old completely died and thats why I gave up. Hopefully this will work for you, I miss reading everyones adventures.

RichardM said...

Over the years, Blogger functionality has changed. Usually with no notice from Google. At times it worked with Mobile Safari, other times not. Mobile Safari has always worked for posting but comments are a different story. On the iPad it works. On the iPhone it doesn’t (but Chrome works fine, Firefox only sometimes). On the Mac and Windows, everything works in Chrome. It’s functional. I tried Wordpress and you lose Google authentication for comments. To me, that makes putting up with Blogger worthwhile. I hope you continue to post.

redlegsrides said...

Welcome back!

SonjaM said...

Good to read you're all well. Blogger has been a bit of a nuisance but I didn't give up because I like keeping a diary of sorts.