Friday, August 29, 2014

The wild and beautiful West Coast

It's our annual trek to Tofino for 'glamping' in a 30 foot motorhome complete with a queensize bed and full amenities.  We have been lucky and had stellar weather, but even in the fog and rain it's still beautiful in Clayoquot Sound area.

We stopped by a beautiful river and dangled our feet in the water. It was fabulously refreshing on a hot summer day.
The trees on this part of the Island are spectacular.  They are huge!  This old beauty is resting by the rivers edge.
It sticks out quite a way and lot of tourists climb out to the end which can be a little precarious at times.

We finally made it to our favourite spot.

I picked up a little toy on the way.

Mini Moto.

I have been enjoying my vacation immensely.  Of course it's a foodie paradise here with all the fresh seafood and gourmet eateries.  We really aren't camping we are 'glamping' which is the new term for glamour camping.

This was part of my pie baking fest prior to leaving.  And then it was off to my favourite chocolatier, Chocolate Tofino for homemade gelato and a box of handmade chocolate.

You know it's good when people are lining up out the door and waiting in the hot sun.

The mini moto had to get in the picture.

And of course the gorgeous sunsets!


SonjaM said...

Ah, beautiful pics, Dar. Makes me want to move back to the wet coast...

Dar said...

Sonja I think you should!!

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

I really enjoyed all of your pics and the "live" FB feed. LOL.