Friday, August 8, 2014

Adventure Divas - moto tripping

Perfect name for a road and wish I could live on Holiday Road forever!

There was so much adventuring going on I've had to split the posts up.  

Wednesday was the 'BIG' day with a lot of kilometres travelled and a good chunk of the island explored.  Courtenay-Campbell River-Gold River and back again.  This is EXACTLY what I have been yearning for moto adventure wise, and 3 days was perfect.  We stopped in Campbell River on the way back to take pics of some very beautifully done carvings by professional, intermediate, novice, and amateur, carving class artists. The amazing thing is they were all done with a chainsaw.

Octopus carving

This carving was done by an amateur carver and won 2nd place.  It depicts the artist's fathers struggle with ALS.  Poignantly beautiful and the sadness and beauty of the carving is palpable and made me quite emotional.

Lady of the sea.
The carvings where done beachside which made it even more spectacular.

This is the land of the eagle and there were several beautifully carved eagle sculptures.

I love it when I am out riding and spot something that catches my attention and makes me pull a u-turn and go back and look, I am more apt to do this on the bike  than when I am in the car.  I think blogging has a lot to do with this, we bloggers are always looking for the eclectic, interesting and appealing blog subjects. 

This one is titled "Who's Hunting Who" 

King Neptune

I find the detail in these carvings is amazing and hard to believe it was all done with a large chainsaw.

Just lounging around in a sea turtle chair and quite honestly with the heat and the amount of riding we did, I was quite happy to sit on something that wasn't moving for a few minutes.

The detail was amazing. Sorry the pic isn't the best, but I was feeling pretty toasted by this point due to the heat.  Did you know eagles mate for life? They do! 

The artist actually placed a piece of real bamboo for the panda to munch on, but it was pretty wilted from the heat.

The puffin was really cute it had whirly gig wings.

This was my favourite carving, momma elephant & her baby. The detail was breathtaking. 

Peekaboo!  Ok you have to know I am going to goof around at some point. 

And then I dragged the Divine Ms. S into the picture.  This carving is a beautiful rendition of a First Nation's carved mask.

No carving festival would be complete without a bear capturing a salmon for supper.

Stay tuned for more of my most excellent riding adventure.  


VStar Lady said...

Dar, you hit the nail on the head. As a blogger we're always looking for a picture to share, but I often find I am reluctant to stop because I know how hot it will get in the gear (and I'm just too lazy to take it all off and put it all back on again if I'm on a tour.) This year on the east coast has be perfect, the temperatures have been ideal for wearing the gear, and not to hot to stop.) Glad you've gotten your tour fix. (I want to live on Holiday Street too.)

Dar said...

Karen, I know what you mean about it being too hot, but if sucked it up and sweated to death to get pics and it was worth it.

Richard M said...

Nice photos of all the chainsaw carvings. Really, bloggers like to look for "the eclectic, interesting and appealing blog subjects". I don't know what you're talking about. ;-)

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

I agree with Karen on your reason for stopping. Those carvings are amazing!