Saturday, August 9, 2014

So much riding, so much to see! Moto Diva Adventure Day 3

Two Moto Diva's were covering as much of the Island as we could in 3 days. This ride is the gateway to the Pacific Rim National Park and onto Tofino, my favourite place on Vancouver Island.  I definitely had to resist the great temptation of riding there. 
Reality struck because we weren't prepared and it would have been a long late haul home over very twisty roads and lots of traffic.  It can wait for another day.  Off to Port Alberni for lunch instead which seemed like a good compromise.

We were hungry after riding some more wicked twisties, jockeying around campers and logging trucks going through Cathedral Grove on the way into Port Alberni.
Ms. S. has eaten here before,  it was a very kitschy funky place.  Being in a seafood area we had seafood, it seemed sacrilegious to have a burger. 
I had a ginormous bowl of seafood chowder (which I didn't think was going to be that big) side Ceasar salad & baguette.

Ms. S had a seafood sandwich & chowder.  It was pretty tasty and hit the spot.  After we chatted a bit, we decided to make our way home and stop and take pics along the way of Cathedral Grove.  
The trees here are enormous!  I love the forest and the beautiful lush greens and generally the solitude, but unfortunately there is a major highway through the park, so it's not so quiet. The trees are majestically beautiful and  the Park service has protected the ecosystem with a trail path system. If you go off the trail and a park warden catches you, you can be fined.  
I am awestruck when I come here and I feel pretty insignificant in terms of the universe.

Every time we drive through here we stop, it is just that magnificent.  
Just as a point of reference as to how big the trees are, this behemoth fell over the pathway and they just cut the part out that was blocking the pathway.  
You walk a little way into the park and you come across the "BIG" tree.  It is as tall as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  It's so big I couldn't get the entire tree in my lense.  The tree is about 800 years old. There was a pretty big monster tree that had fallen in front of the "BIG" tree.  
Look up, waaaay uuuup!!
There are signs around the park that tell you to leave immediately if it's windy, I think I'd be heeding that advice.

Ms. S and I. 
As we were wandering through the forest we spotted something very unusual, so unusual that a photo shoot ensued.  I spotted this!
What is this or who is this you may ask? It's the elusive Vancouver Island wood Troll!  Oh my gosh I was in blog heaven!  Hello troll selfie heaven!
I have to say if I could have rolled the bike on in there I would have! So I had to settle for a selfie. 
Parking is a little dicey, it's crowded, small spaces and you are usually trying to avoid being hit by someone entering or exiting and the traffic screaming down the hill despite it being a restricted speed area.

I think I definitely would not like my car parked here in a windstorm, this tree was bordering the lot.  Yikes! 
It's hazardous just to try and cross here to see the other side of the park.  After our ramble through the woods we decided to head home, we said farewell to our little troll friend and blasted off for home.  One more day if blog travel left, stay tuned.


SonjaM said...

Oh, Dar. just by looking at your pics of the (rain)forest I am hit hard with wanderlust again. I have been in Cathedral cove, and know those giants by name. Thanks so must for bringing back precious memories.

SonjaM said...

...thanks so much... friggin' auto correct.

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

That seafood chowder looks delicious. The trees are impressive. But, I must admit, seeing the wood troll and knowing you were as thrilled/amazed/amused by it as I would have been tickles me. :-)

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Another lovely spot Dar. I didn't realize trees other than the Sequoia's got that big or were that far north.

I'm with Kathy re: the chowder. Grabbing a spoon now.....

Trobairitz said...

Loving all those big trees!!