Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summertime the time for classic motorcycle & car shows

1939 Indian, beautiful!
Today hub and I were feeling low key and not into a lot of moto tripping, but managed to find a vintage bike show with a few other surprises.  There were quite a few different brands and some of them were pristine restorations and a few looked like they had been rolled out of hiding in a barn.  

fell in love with this bike, it was beautiful and if I could own anything in the world, this would be it.  I am not sure I'd ride it though, because it's such a piece of bike art, I would probably set it up in my living-room and admire it, now that is moto love.  

There were a few really old cars and trucks scattered here and there.  
The thing that drew me to this truck was the chrome name plate and ram radiator cap. This old rusty Dodge Ram truck had a bike with a side car strapped to the flatbed.  

This Mobile Oil Pegasus was mounted above the license plate and if I could've I would have bought this and mounted it on Scarlet.  

It was hard to really pick a favorite bike, there were so many, and they all had their individual charm and told a story of their owners character.  
All blinged out!  This had more glitter and bedazzling than room full of girls in prom dresses. Kind of makes me want to break-out the Bedazzler and go to town on my saddle bags and sparkle up Scarlet. But I think I will leave that for awhile and I am sure the Bedazzler desire will pass.

For Richard.

This has a certain 'RUSTic' charm. I seem to love the old rusty ones, they speak to having had a long life of riding and adventure, and I bet if these bikes could speak the tales they would tell would be incredible.  

If your two wheel love breaks down, you always have a back-up.  

When I look at motorcycles I see art and beauty.  The next time you give your baby a polish, stand back and really look at it and you will see the magic.

I love how people individualize their bikes and make them their own. 

Everyone needs a little BikeZilla.

There is something daunting about suicide shifters, and I'm glad for my toe shifter, but I am sure one would adapt quickly enough. 
Moto hitchhiker.
Little bit of this, little bit of that....
The motorcycle community on Vancouver Island is very welcoming and even wee chariots have a place at vintage shows. 

This lovely Ford truck was parked out in the main lot and we pulled in beside it and I couldn't resist snapping pictures of this beauty,
I think the radiator cap is worth more than my bike.

Gotta love a good Guzzi.

This beautiful old Studebaker was parked out by us as well.

When I was standing beside Miss Scarlet, a few guys came over and were chatting me up about my bike and couldn't believe she was a 1985.  The common thing amongst bikers, is we all speak the same language - bike. Then a few fellows who were riding vintage Honda Magna's and Sabre's came over and chatted with my hub about their bikes and we had a few of them parked around us. Honda's seem to find one another in parking lots.  They were all having a lively animated discussion about tires, foibles of their bikes and little mods they've done. I was patiently waiting for the moto bonding to end, it was pretty hot and I was feeling a little parched and wanted to get a nibble & some H2O.   As I was waiting, there were 2 Harley's about 20 feet away from me and when the one dude started his bike there was a giant blast of air from the pipe that actually blew my hair around,wow that was something.  

We had a lovely day and ended it with a dinner moto picnic in Oak Bay.  It was a lovely day to be out on a bike.  Hope you are all moto tripping this weekend!


SonjaM said...

Some nice exhibits out there. Days like this are the best!

Alas, no riding for us this weekend, we had a family emergency to deal with but things seem better now.

VStar Lady said...

Dar it has been just above 10C and raining most of our weekend - good day for walking (with an umbrella.) Glad you got out for the show.

Shybiker said...

Cool! I love looking at old bikes and saw an exhibition last month. These are beautiful machines and you took terrific pictures. The Indian is fabulous. Those had such great style.

Deb said...

Loving those old machines!

I am partial to that Indian myself!

Glad you guys had a great time!

Dar said...

Sonja, hope everything is ok!

Dar said...

We had our rain and foggy days during the week and I must admit to being a bit of a couch potatoe.

Dar said...

Ali I love going to these things and I could have rolled Scarlet in because she classifies into the age group, but it was too crowded and I didn't feel like negotiating my way through the hordes.

Dar said...

I was in serious envy of the Indian and man it would defibinitely be a dream bike, but couldn't ride it anyway because of the suicide shifter.

David Masse said...

Thanks Dar.

I find myself waiting for a motorcycle to call my name. So far none really has.

Going to a show like that might help.

Richard M said...

What a great collection of bikes in your photos. That Indian looks pretty nice and I suspect that if you had it you'd figure out shifting pretty quickly. Nice Airhead with the Steib sidecar. That is the model that Cozy copied.

Dar said...

David, one might never call your name, you have scooter perfection! Maybe one of the Honda automatic transmission bikes might be what you want to look at. Nothing beats the hauling capacity if a scooter though.

Dar said...

Richard, I think I would figure it out pretty quick too, but I probably wouldn't want to ride the bike a whole lot though because of how beautiful it is.

Andrew Thomson said...

Nice! I like how you got to get in close to get some nice detail pics. At our local show I struggled for room to get decent pics and I was worried I'd bump a bike...that would not have gone to well I'd say.

Trobairitz said...

Great artsy shots of the bikes and other vehicle Dar.

It is nice to be out on a relaxing day where you can ride and also wander and see the sights.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Really great show Dar and you did a fine job of bringing it to us. Some very unique machines there. Thanks much!