Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Winds of change? Or need of vacay?

I am feeling the need to shed my Princess Scooterpie blog name, I've talked about it before, but I am definitely feeling change is in the wind in regards to my moto journey.  I loved scootering, but in real terms of my riding adventure it was only an 8 month span of time.  I guess I am looking for something that reflects more of who I am now and I have changed a lot since this all began, but  I am basically still the same gal who loves adventure and uses every excuse to hop on the bike and go.  I am finding i am a little more unsettled in the contentment department.  It could just be that I am badly in need of some R&R and once I get that my contentment factor will come back up.  

I also think I am ready for more moto challenges, I am checking out the process of getting motorcycle instructor certification and am pretty excited about that possibility.

I am also feeling a bit harnessed into place with no real big road trips or even getting off Vancouver Island on the bike any time soon.  I have actually been chomping at the proverbial moto bit in this regard, because our vacation time is very much geared to chilling out and spending wonderful holiday time with our teenage kiddo, which I know is probably going to change in the next year. Quite honestly I would still rather spend my vacay this way for now.  I dream of going on an epic road trip & I love reading about everyone else's adventures and picture myself there.  So with that in mind I am going to seriously start looking at maps and the logistical aspects of road tripping and gearing up the bike.  I am even thinking I want a new bike and probably not a cruiser, but more of a sport touring bike.  So many things to think about.  

I do have a plan to meet up with a girlfriend for a 3 day riding trip and we are going to ride the island and sed what trouble we can get into ;)

So if you see a name change don't freak it's just me trying a few things out.

Princess Helmet Hair perhaps...........


Shybiker said...

As one who rides a lot and enjoys touring, I strongly encourage you to explore motorcycles designed for that: e.g., sport-touring or touring machines. Once you learn how much more comfortable they are, you want to go out more often and for longer periods.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a mini-moto trip up north. On my BMW K1200LT, riding long-distance is a delight.

A new name may invigorate you. Go for it!

Trobairitz said...

Good for you for getting a multi-day trip in.

We too have been stagnating in the riding department.

I think you would enjoy a non-cruiser bike. They can be more easily maneuvered too with the foot pegs a little further back. Try and few out and see what you like.

Hmmm a new name. Moto-Diva's Excellent Adventures..... Maybe you need a poll. lol

Enjoy your vacation.

bob skoot said...


There is more to life, than riding. This is my non-riding year. I have gone nowhere and I have started to just drive to work. I thrive to see new places, ride new roads and just riding around town going to work doesn't do it. Too much risk for little benefit.

Having a sport touring bike is the way to go. There is always a compromise. My Vstrom has more luggage capacity and much longer fuel range but it cannot maintain the high speeds of the mid-west. My Beemer has shaft drive and tons of power but has a small gas tank and smaller luggage.

I have been trying to get to Campbell River for 2 years and now it looks like I have to wait until 2016. Life gets in the way and things come up.

Don't sweat the little details,

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet"

bob: riding the wet coast

SonjaM said...

A moto trip around the island, honestly, Dar, this is what others dream of, and you're living and riding there... I wish you a fantastic and safe journey.

As for the name, I believe you should definitely throw something sounding adventurous in the mix, because that's what defines you ;-)

Since I ride Harley I do not have any desire to own another bike. Got low mileage? So what, I carry a jerry can. Limited luggage space? As long as there is enough space for a credit card....
I'd stick with a cruiser over any other bike. But that's my 2 cents.

Deb said...

I too feel I am entering into a time of transformation on various levels and I think it is exciting that you are experiencing this desire and coincidental as well!

Funny,I have also considered a blog name change (just the title, not the URL) because in some ways

I am not what the old name denotes, yet at my essence this is my spiritual riding origin. Hence the title photo of Maxi on the Ruck that never changes.

I have some blogs in me about all these things too.

Poll? That might be a good idea!

"Moto Island Girl"?

"Island Princess?"

I'll try to think of some more!


Richard M said...

Time to escape the isolation that is part of island living. Whether it's Vancouver Island or one of the Hawaiian islands it feels the same. Some feel the same isolation living in Alaska as, for many, flying is the only way to escape.

For me, a vacation is a vacation. Your mode of transportation really doesn't matter nor what you do as long as you are able to relax and unwind.

As far as a name change, I don't think many associate the blog name with anything specific. It only matters to you if you think it needs changing.

bluekat said...

With everything that's gone on in the past 18 months we've tossed around throwing together a little tour/trip. Not even sure if it will be moto or what, as I'm a little rusty on the bike, but the thought of riding off into the sunset (or more like the noon day sun) with my drybag of gear lashed to the back sounds more and more tempting all the time.

I think a few of us have renamed blogs and/or rearranged blogs to better reflect our current place in life. Nothing wrong with that. Life is meant to be dynamic, changing. Even better when you toss in a new bike.

David Masse said...

"Dar she goes!"

Deb said...

^^^^^^THAT might be a good blog name! :=)

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Life doesn't stay the same, does it? Discovery about who we are, how we wish to ride, and where we want to go never stops.

Wanting, the wanting and the growing continues for most of us. Changes.

Whatever the road brings enjoy your dream.

VStar Lady said...

Dar, I have to agree with so many comments above ... doesn't matter what you're called, we read to see what YOU are up to, I like road tripping on the bike but sometimes it is just not as convenient as four wheels and for me, a cruiser is what I love, it fits my stature and I can pack a pile of stuff on, enough to get me anywhere ... you do and ride what fits you, that's what motorcycling is all about.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Dar, enjoy the dreaming and the planning;it's a rich and rewarding way to spend time until you're actually out there. Knowing you, the adventure will surround however you ride there, no matter the heading.