Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fireworks & more

Yesterday was perfect on the Island, with one tiny exception the hub's bike battery was deader than a door nail. So now the conundrum of a hot summer day and one bike to share. So many possibilities on solving this equitably. We opted to kick it old school and go 2-up, yup I sat on the back.

It was okay for the first time in a long time  sitting on the back , but then the squirming started.  I realized the seat space on Scarlet was a little bit cramped and not comfortable at all.  Apparently I am not a good passenger anymore, according to Hub I am trying to drive the bike from back there. My foot was twitching when he was shifting and apparently I was squeezing him when he was clutching, throttling, and braking. Muscle memory is how I explained it to him.  The biggest thing for me was that I couldn't see a thing, I am wondering why I was so content on the back 31 years ago. Once you get a taste of the captains  seat you somehow don't really want to go back to being the flight crew. 

View from the back.  

Hello Moto

Downtown Victoria was a crazy busy place with all the Canada Day Celebrations going on and at one point we regretted looping through downtown because of traffic and the snail pace.

We did the Dallas Road scenic beach route and stopped at the Golfcourse to take a picture of Mt Baker in the distance. Cool thing about the golf course, all the flags had a Canadian Flag on them.

After we arrived home Motorcycle Man told me to go for a rip.  Miss Scarlet and I stopped to pose at King George Terrace.

We rounded out the evening with a final trip downtown on the bike to watch fireworks.  It was a beautiful evening, the fireworks were spectacular, right over our heads in fact.

Not bad for an iPhone.

Maybe next year we will be in kayaks floating in the Inner Harbour.  It was a perfect day weather wise, fun and riding wise.  

Happy Canada Day Eh!


Richard M said...

The fireworks pictures came out pretty good. You should've made him ride pillion as his battery was the one that was dead...

VStar Lady said...

Dar, the good thing about riding on the back ... you've got your hands free to take all the photos you want.

Dar said...

Richard ,

I tried that line of reasoning he said "Nope, Never!!!" I said, "What would it take for you to ride back there?" His reply "I'd have to be bleeding to death & too weak to drive the bike." My loving reply "Hmmmm that could be arranged." Had to snicker to myself about it all. Oy it's only the backseat.

Dar said...


Think I will sacrifice the pics ;)

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

So you've become an undisciplined passenger........I like that! :)

Diane Higdon said...

Looks like a great time!!! Amazing what our I-Phones can do. It has become my only camera I use...LOL...Love you talking about riding on back. I am still a back seat driver...LOL...Happy Canada Day!

Dar said...

Coop - I think I was always the unruly type, its just well hidden under the surface times, but I tell ya when the wild child wants out there is no stopping her. :)

Diane - I highly recommend the front seat, the view is so nice up there. I think if we were riding my Hub's 750 instead of my 500 it would have been more comfortable because the seat is a little bit bigger. Also the way I look at it, the time spent on a bike driver or passenger is pretty awesome, so enjoy!

Deb said...

I can't imagine riding on the back of any machine or in the back seat of the car!

I am a "control freak" BIG TIME!

Anyway, cool photos and a very beautiful place to live.

You've got it all...ocean, mountains, lots of motorcycles...


BeemerGirl said... could easily be arranged. Expectation is that it is an easier adjustment for you to move to the back seat than him?? ;)

Looks like the perfect day!