Sunday, July 13, 2014

Out for a Sunday tootle! 270km ride

Today was EPIC!!!!  Moto Man and I decided to go for a rip. At first it was going to be a little jaunt, but then it grew and grew, because of the perfect weather conditions. It was GORGEOUS today and you could actually hear angels singing! I swear this day was just sent for motorcyclists.  We ended up riding  the Pacific Marine Loop - aka the ride to Port Renfrew.  

 It was a day so dazzling that it makes you glad you have a motorcycle license and an adventuresome spirit.  I also put my new mesh Alpinestars Stella jacket through it's paces and it was perfect.  I love my summer mesh gear!  

I swore I would never buy any gear with pink, but this totally sung to my inner diva and fit so well, it was meant to be.  Moto Man says I am very visible with the white on the back and my arms.  I am very pleased.

Everything was perfect today, it was a day when you and the bike are one, the scenery was breathtaking, the scents intoxicating and you didn't want the day to end.  I could have ridden for forever today, beautiful back country roads and multitudes of twisties!  The only problem with the 'perfect' ride is we didn't really stop for pictures.  I am going to get the GoPro out for the next ride and we are definitely getting a Sena so I can tell hubs I'd like to stop and take some pics.

The scenery was beautiful and at times a little distracting.  I think at one point we hit about 35 degrees Celsius when we were up in the back country of Mesachie Lake area.  Even with the mesh it was a little toasty and the next helmet I get is going to be white or silver. At times even when doing 80km/h I had to open the visor because my face felt like it was in an oven. I had a great sunscreen on and no nose burn this time! Always remember the sunscreen!!! It was so hot when we stopped for gas at Lake Cow I bought water and poured quite a bit if it over my head & neck.  

Totems at Renfrew

Mr. Elusive doesn't like his picture taken so I had to be fast!

Looking back at the twistiest part of the twisties. 

You can't see the huge grin, but let me assure you it was there! 

If anyone was to ask me "Why We Ride" it would be beause of a day like today, it was a gift of summer bliss spent with my hubby.  

There were plenty of riders out on everything two wheeled and a lot of waves were passed back & forth with gusto. Today  was the day the wave wasn't the casual little affair it usually is, but almost like a fist pump or a salute of joy to riding.

All totalled on our little jaunt we did about 270 kilometres today. Now the bikes are tucked safely in the moto lair after their long adventure today.  


Andrew Thomson said...

Great that you got for a nice wee pootle. 35 degrees is getting pretty hot alright! We're having a pretty mild winter here and it's mostly been around 10 or better.

Don't worry about the lack of pics - the memories and smiles are more important.

Fist pump!

Trobairitz said...

Such a great day out on the bike. Glad you are enjoying your new jacket too.

A tip for hot weather riding is to wear a Buff around my neck. I always wear one tucked in my jacket and up into my helmet (protects the neck from bugs and sun), but in hot weather I take it off and soak it in cold water. Put it back on and it is so refreshing until it dries.

SonjaM said...

Great outing, Dar, and you sound and look so happy. Isn't life awesome?

I second what Brandy said about the Buff. Bug protection and cooling device.

RichardM said...

What a beautiful day to be our and about. It must've been enough to get someone to put in a new battery...

Diane Higdon said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful day for a ride. I really like your new mesh jacket. The pink is great! I fist pump you too. :)