Friday, August 9, 2013

Time of Plenty ~ The Sequel

I seem to be manically baking and have gone through a pound and a half of I salted butter, 3 pounds of peaches, 3 pounds of cherries and 2 pounds of blueberries, and 6 bananas.

This is what I made today.

Peach and pear torte and blueberry pie.

Banana bread.

Blueberry, apple sauce & banana bread 

I still have 2 pounds of blueberries and 6 pounds of cherries ~ yup I am going to bake more!  I love my vacation!  

Secret to good baking is fresh ingredients, good music, a joyful heart, and of course lots of butter!

Baking playlist

Frank Sinatra (Peach pie and cherry pie)
Crosby Stills Nash & Young (sings to my inner granola hippie person and I made the banana bread to that)
Cindy Lauper (peach & pear torte)
Yo Yo Ma violin (blueberry pie). Yup I have pretty eclectic taste in music.  Just waiting to see what Skrillex makes  me bake ;) 

PS - we didn't eat dinner tonight we had goodies 

To be continued......


Andrew Thomson said...

Dammit, hands off, I'm on my way over..

Brenda said...

When I finally make it over to your side of the world I hope you still have you music going and your baking bug is biting!!

I was going to bake scones today but didn't have enough flour in the house and couldn't be bothered going to the shops .. lazy weekend :)

Now you've given me a hankering for some pie .. might have to shop tomorrow :D

Dar said...

The torte is gone, there is still a slice of peach & cherry, the blueberry pie in still whole for the moment.

Dar said...

Brenda ~ believe it or not I ran out of flour yesterday and it wasn't until late afternoon that I decided to go get more! Still have the bug, can can feel it turning more to the savoury side now hmmmm paella perhaps.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I approve of this break in your normal routine and the sharing of your wild side. I'm really hoping you bought 2 bags of flour.

Jynx said...

I have A.D.D., I think...I heard butter and I could no longer focus!! I had the best pie yesterday at a little bakery in Marble Falls, Texas. The coconut cream was yummy but it was the BUTTERY CRUST that won my heart! Real salted butter...oh my...Savory pies?? Oh yes!! I might be inspired to unpack some more kitchen gear over the weekend!!

Trobairitz said...

Dammit, I still want pie but I hate baking them because we eat the whole damn thing.

Everything looks delish Dar!!

mq01 said...

MMMM!!! my vacation has been summoning the pie gods too! lol ... ;) yumm Dar!!! those look fabulous!

Elizabeth Petersen said...

Yum! I'll be right over! hahaha

Actually, I have 3 lbs of blueberries (from the store) and a gynormous amount of hand-picked blackberries that I have to process today. I think today is pie and jam-making day, in addition to cleaning.

Happiness truly is summer bounty!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Looking good.....:-). I am NOT a baker by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a mean cook/chef by past profession. And those look amazing!

RichardM said...

Now, you're getting evil posting those pictures. Need to get that transporter thing working to beam your pies through the Internet. I wonder if Google is working on that?