Monday, August 26, 2013

Kayaking Clayoquot Sound - Tofino, BC

Yesterday dawned clear, sunny, and hot, which means action adventure day for the Scooterpie clan.  After a hearty breakfast off we went to Jamie's Whaling Station and Paddles West for a kayak adventure.  

The hub and I went in a double and the girls in singles.  Our guide Jamie was awesome, she was very knowledgeable about the area, marine life and wildlife.  We had been in the water less than 2 minutes and saw a giant eagle and a seal.  

It was a perfect paddling day, no wind, no waves and it was warm.  

Scooterpie Jr and my niece enjoying their paddle time.  We saw a couple of seals, an otter, more eagles and kingfishers.  The ocean is amazing you see all of these beautiful species of kelp and eelgrass and other little aquatic beasties. I have to say I was a little nervous because we watched Shark week before we left home.  Yes there are salmon sharks here and a little further out great whites - very rare to see them though.

It is also a little unnerving trying to get your iPhone out of the dry bag and trying not to drop it in the drink while holding a kayak paddle.  

Opitsat village home of the Tla-o-qui-hat First Nation.  The village has a long deep history and it's heritage is being renewed by First Nations people who are teaching the young their history and their language .  Meares Island has the distinction of having an untouched pristine old growth rain forrest.  I thank those who allow us to paddle in and walk on their ancestral territory.  

Bull kelp beds.  This kelp almost died out when sea otters where hunted to near extinction during the fur trade.  Once sea otters were reintroduced and had a healthy population the kelp started growing back.  This kelp was used for many things from food to a war horn by the First Nations people.  It also is a good gauge for how healthy Clayoquot Sound is.
This is Strawberry Island and it has a funky little floating home community - made me homesick for my old home.  

This particular home used to be a ferry on the mainland and had been moored her for over 20 years, pretty funky place.
Our lovely paddle adventure was almost finished and I could have paddled for hours more!

Back on dry land and starving!  

If you would like to check out Jamie's Whaling Station for the unique & interesting tours from kayaking, whale watching, bear watching and hot spring tours go to .  You won't be disappointed!  


RichardM said...

Beautiful photos while paddling. So when is the post telling us all about your flat home?

VStar Lady said...

You need a waterproof, floating camera - just ask Bobskoot for details! Great pictures, glad you didn't drop the iphone in the drink.

SonjaM said...

West Coast Kayaking... It doesn't get better than that.

Trobairitz said...

What a beautiful day on the sound. Clear blue skies and oceans. So fun.