Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moto repair update

WE HAVE IGNITION Houston!! The CDI arrived from the Czech Republc on my birthday - WOW! What a present. Motorcycle Man picked up the parcel and then meticulously spent the afternoon putting Scarlet back together. Kiwi Deb and her good friend Brian came by for a visit. While they were visiting we were ready to see if Scarlet's CDI was going to work. I held my breath when Motorcycle Man twisted the throttle and hit the switch - she purred to life! I was back in business, it was the longest 6 weeks I have ever endured.

All is good in my moto world! We went 2up for a test rip and there was a terrible squealing sound 30 seconds into the ride, it turned out the wheel well came loose and was rubbing against the tire. We fixed that and off we went.

IT WAS GLORIOUS!!! We went out for dinner to Fisherman's wharf & then back home and I went for a solo ride. She is running better than when I first got her, clutching is better, she purrs and sounds better and acceleration - OH MY GOSH! She was so much more pep. Motorcycle man is going to sync her carbs and thinks she will be even better. I am such a happy moto mama right now!

PS - I had the best birthday breaky chocolate cake French toast - yup you read it right, CHOCOLATE CAKE FRENCH TOAST!


Trobairitz said...

Yay, what a great birthday present.

Happy Birthday Mistress Scooterpie!!

RichardM said...

Happy birthday! And what a wonderful present! After a few weeks on the scooter, the bike must feel really different.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - it was the perfect day! Chocolate cake for breakfast and riding a motorcycle doesn't get any better than that.

Rchard - it is vastly different. The 2 things I noticed right away 1) traffic presence 2) acceleration. I still like my scoot, but honestly like the bigger profile of the bike and the power. I was nosing around in the motorcycle shop and was looking at larger cc scoots there are one pretty ones.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Dar.

I reckon this will be one you will remember for a long time, what could be better than chocolate for breakfast and riding!!

I so happy for you!

Andrew Thomson said...

Happy birthday!

Fantastic that the bike is up and running and that you got to get in a birthday ride - awesome!

Deb said...

Wheeeeeewww! I can quit holding my breath now! :=)

Happy Birthday and Happy Riding Day!

I know you are in ecstasy..COOL!

"2 thumbs up"!

bobskoot said...


Happy birthday, and what an awesome gift.


SonjaM said...

Happy B-day, what a great present!

Just be careful riding today, it seems that there are quite a few intoxicated Father's day cagers out there.

BeemerGirl said...

Happy Birthday!

Yay on Scarlet!

Dar said...

Brenda - Thank you! It was a fabulous day, sunny, chocolate, riding = HEAVEN on earth!

Andrew - It is awesome! We went riding today and it was utterly blissful. My hubby did a great job getting Scarlet going. She is actually running better than when I first got her.

Deb - you must have been turning blue! Thank you for looking down in your neck of the woods for the CDI for me, I really appreciate that! You are a good friend! Hugs to ya!

Bob - Thank you dear friend!

Sonja - Crazy cagers for sure. On our ride today I was way up ahead of my hubby and he said some jerk in a silver car almost ran a couple on a larger cruiser off the road because the cager was passing dangerously and on the right, Good grief!

BeemerGirl - YAY! I am so happy I can't stand it! LOL so tomorrow I am going to take the bike to work.

David Masse said...

Dar, wonderful news! Here's wishing you a lon, long run of moto goodness, and Happy Birthday!!!!

Circle Blue said...


And, Happy Born on Day!!

Dar said...

David - thank you! I am hoping for a long run of moto goodness too!

Keith - you make me laugh! Thanks! Love happy born day! You deinitely are one of the coolest dudes I know.

ToadMama said...

Happy birthday!!! So glad you are back in business!

VStar Lady said...

Hey! Happy Birthday. I've been away a bit and had no idea Scarlet was ill. Glad she's all fixed and that you had a perfect day.

Deb said...

She's not posting, guys!

She must be out riding that red vroom, vroom!