Tuesday, June 12, 2012


My bike may be back on the road within the next few days!  Keep your fingers crossed!  The CDI unit we ordered from Ignitech in Czech Republic has been sent.  Currently it is in Prague.  This motoing diva needs to have a ride fix.  I have been riding wee Vixen and feeling the love again, but it is definitely not the same as it was a year ago.  But then again I have to say it has been a treat parking her in the bike-lock up because there are no 6 point turn manoeuvres needing to be done to get the bike parked.  So keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer for luck for me that all is well after we get the unit.

Tracking Delivery Progress of CDI unit:


UPDATE WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13th it is in Cincinnati - Getting closer!

Now @ 3:41pm:  It is in Leipzig Germany - woo hoo
1)  As of early this afternoon it was in Prague


Pam said...

Hip-hip hurray! So happy for you!

RichardM said...

Wow, that's a long way to get parts shipped. Hope it's the right one and gets there in a reasonable amount of time. Are you tracking the package?

Trobairitz said...

Woohoo, good moto karma coming your way.

Fingers are crossed for speedy delivery and your moto will be race ready soon.

bobskoot said...


Woo HOO too. Hope it works.

I hope you ordered the shifter lever too, then you'll have a spare

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BeemerGirl said...

Woohoo!! Here's to hoping it arrives quickly and works beautifully!

Dar said...

Pam - I am happy too! Lets hope it works!

Richard - yup I am tracking that baby!

Trobairitz - thank you I will take all the good wishes and moo Karma I can get!

Bob - MN bought the parts or the shifter, so hopefully all will be good in motoland soon!

Dar said...

Beemergirl - thank you! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Brenda said...

Wheeee!! (woohoo was taken :) ) Fingers and toes are crossed here for you!

Circle Blue said...

Waiting. Hoping. Knowing it just has to work!

May it arrive as soon as possible.

SonjaM said...

Did we have a "YAY" yet? YAY!
Wishing you a speedy delivery half across the world.

Andrew Thomson said...

Nice! I'd be tearing my hair out by now...

Dar said...

Brenda - Wheee is right!

SonjaM - YAY!!!!! It is in Leipzig Germany right now.

Andrew - Lets just say this has been a little hard on the nerves, now here's hoping that it works!

Deb said...

I hear flapping of airplane wings as we speak!


Keep repeating..."it's gotta work, it's gotta work, it's gotta work..."

Dar said...

DEB - IT'S IN CINCINNATI NOW!!!! Getting closer by he minute. VROOOM!!!!!!

Deb said...

Well, DAG NAMMIT! I was busy mowing the lawn and did not make it over in time to toss some cookies in the box for you guys!

Bye bye...!


Dar said...

Keith - Thank you for rooting for me! BTW I have rediscovered my love for my little scoot. Who knows I might just keep her for in city daily commute. She is so much easier to manoeuvre in the bike cage at work.

Deb - Love ya girlfriend! Get out on your beautiful new scoot!

Trobairitz said...

YAY, at least it has made it to BC.