Thursday, June 14, 2012

Daily Commute Challenge - the beginning

The beginning of the commute - a very well packed garage, scooter, 2 motorcycles and a vintage beetle.
I love blog challenges and when I saw this one I just had to do it!  Martha issued the daily commute challenge on her blog Living Among Tourists.  My commute is not extraordinary or even epic, its a down and dirty 15 minute rip to work in the morning through the crazy traffic of BC's capital city Victoria.  By commute standards this is a piece of cake because most of my fellow bloggers have heavy traffic and longer distances to do than I.  So when I get grumpy because someone upsets my scooter/bike sensibilities I have to remember that.  My commute takes me through the heart of downtown Victoria up to the relatively sedate municipality of Oak Bay - this is where all the blue hairs live who are the sidewalk commandos in their electric scooters.  You see one of the babies coming you best get out of the way because rules don't seem to apply to these sidewalk mayhem makers.

The destination - the bike lock-up at work, which I share with 2 or 3 bikes and a lot of building junk.
It's Vixen or Scarlet's daytime nest, I have to admit it is easier manoeuvring Vixen around in there than Scarlet.

I am having trouble with blogger today so the return journey is going to be Part 2

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Pam said...

You are such an encouragement for me to get out and ride to work more! I've gotten one ride in this week. The rest of the week we've had storms.