Monday, June 4, 2012

Moto Funk

I am in a complete moto funk.  I have been without my beautiful bike Scarlet for a month.  We have narrowed the problem down, but are having trouble sourcing the part.  Vixen was insured yesterday and I have to say I am not in the least little bit excited about riding a 50cc scooter.  NOT AT ALL.  I remember how I felt last year about her, but things have changed so much since then.  Today when I rode her to work I felt uncomfortable, the scooter feels too small and there is not the stability of the bike or the acceleration.  In fact I actually feel vulnerable riding her.  It is funny how things change in a year. 


bobskoot said...

Oh Dar:

It's not fun to ride with "clipped" wings. Did you manage to find the shifter for MMan's bike ? then at least you have one bike to share.

The Honda Centre in Burnaby is your best chance to get an old part as they have been in business for decades. I don't have your part number details, but I could pick it up for you on my way home.

I am smiling as I look at this photo. All of us had a great time and the guys still talk about you.

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Andrew Thomson said...

I know exactly how you feel. Being stuck with a little 150 the other week while the Connie was getting tyres was a big come down. I definitely felt more vulnerable.

Hope you get your baby back soon!

Dar said...


He has ordered the part for the linkage and hopefully he will have it put together soon. It was fun riding with you & the RTE gang! Clipped wings is right! I remember when I first got the scoot I felt like I was soaring with eagles, boy things have changed!

Andrew - it certainly brings one down to their humble moto beginnings that's for sure. I suppose I should be glad I have 2 wheels to ride, but I am just not feeling the moto love.

Circle Blue said...

Many times the only way through something is to go through it. I suspect a Moto Funk is just such a thing. Yes, I remember when you first started riding you were sure you wouldn't be biting at the bit to get more cc's. Times change. This too will pass. I hope you discover the rides that Vixen has in her. She is a different tool for delight than Scarlet.

Trobairitz said...

That just shows how far you've come with your riding abilities and comfort level.

Hope Scarlet gets fixed real soon.

David Masse said...

Dar, it's odd how and why we adapt. I was concerned after Vancouver that the 200cc Kymco I was riding would have spoiled my enjoyment of my Vespa.

I miss the low end acceleration, but the top end of my Vespa is actually higher than the Kymco that seemed to top out at around 95 kmh.

I'm ready for a Vespa 300 GT, or a 400cc MP3, but still have no desire for a motorcycle. I think it's because my commute is so urban that a scooter is just way more practical and desirable than a motorcycle.

Hang in there, something will break the logjam.

SonjaM said...

Poor Dar, I know how you're feeling. After my encounter with a plywood board which left me with a banged up knee and the motorcycle in the shop for almost eight weeks, I was in the same funk, and would have given my soul to have at least a scooter to zip around on.

Listen to Keith and enjoy the rides that your Vixen can give you while you are waiting for Scarlett to recover.

Roger Fleming said...

I have two bikes hon..both have issues at the moment, welcome to my world.

Roger Fleming said...

Actually Ididnt mean that to sound harsh, I am trying to sympathize with you!!

BeemerGirl said...

Hey!! You loved little Vixen! Keep an open mind and think about what you enjoyed about her when you first got her. Hopefully Scarlett will be fixed soon, but try to enjoy Vixen.

Dar said...

Keith - You are right. I just need to work my way through this with a little joy I am sure I can find my way back to her.

Trobairitz - Its funny how things change so drastically. I remember when I thought Vixen was HUGE! I think I am just missing the more technical side of riding Scarlet and the extra cc's.

David - I think one day I will go back to scootering, but it will definitely be a higher cc scooter. Today is was a dream parking Vixen in the bike cage because I wasn't having to manoeuvre around bicycles with a big clunky motorbike. Who knows maybe I will save up and get a larger cc scoot for commuting.

Sonja - I thought you had a scoot to zip around on? How bad is your knee? I hate moto funks they seem to come with cloudy weather too. Hope you are on the mend. I saw your hubs new Burgy - nice scoot!

Roger - we are in the same boat, 2 motorcycles down. I feel your pain.

BeemerGirl - I gave myself a talking too before I went out to Vixen this morning and things were a little better.

Thanks everyone for putting up with my mopey moto gloom. Sometimes things just seem a little overwhelming and you need to get it out. Non-motorcyclists/scooterists don't get the moto addiction/passion/obsession thing that most of us have going on and how much we love riding, but I know you guys do.

Brenda said...

aaw Dar I feel for you, and I almost feel guilty that I've just returned from a lovely riding adventure .. I did say almost :) Sorry to rub it in but hey it looks like just getting some sympathy from people who think like you has already brought you out of your funk and you seem to be looking on the bright side.

Just think how wonderful it's going to feel when you get back on Scarlett!!

Dar said...

Brenda - I am starting to feel some moto zen again. My hubby ordered a CDI from Czechoslovakia, so if you ever need an after market CDI you know where to look. Glad you had a great trip!

Deb said...

Glad things are looking up for you!