Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sell my scooter?!

At 5:30 one of my neighbors knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to sell my scooter, because I have a motorcycle now. I have such mixed feelings about this, my scoot fits perfectly in the little bike lock-up and I don't think Lucy will fit. I am so tentative about this because I haven't done the motorcycle course yet and haven't passed and I truly do love my scooter and she started my on my moto journey. Could I still call myself Princess Scooterpie?

So for now I think I am just going to hold onto her and concentrate on passing my course.


bobskoot said...


I wonder if your neighbour could wait until October 14th, when you pass your class 6. I know you will feel limited with your scooter, once you get used to going on the same routes as with your car. It would be different if you had the Vino 125cc, which would be the perfect complementary vehicle for urban use. IMHO, of course

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Dar said...

I agree if I get another scoot it is definitely going to be bigger. Your faith in me passing gives me encouragement. I am in no rush to sell the scoot, but a case of "limitation" has set in because I have had an appetizer of more cc's. All I want to do is ride Lucy and be good at it. You were right all those months ago about needing more cc's & the never ending quest for more power.

Trobairitz said...

You might just want to keep your scooter for 6 months to a year to see if you continue to ride it while endorsed or if it is a garage ornament that sits there and looks pretty. Or like Bobskoot says - seems too small after lucy

The last thing you want to do is sell it and regret the sale.

And yes, I think you can still call yourself Princess Scooterpie, as you will be scooting down the road on Lucy.

RichardM said...

To me, it doesn't make any sense to sell the scooter as it works for commuting, very economical and it is a spare set of wheels. If the insurance is really high then maybe sell it but otherwise, why?


tonyc128 said...


I was in your position just two years ago. I got my Class 6 in 2009 and bought the Suzuki Bandit soon after. Just don't follow my lead and end up losing the passion and think about selling both later.

I might just take you advice earlier and just keep the scoot for a spare set if wheels.

Dar said...

I have decided the best decision is no decision, I am going to go with the status quo. The scoot is cheap to insure for a year and when the weather gets warm I'll insure the bike for the summer months. I went 2 weeks on $5.69 of gas, can't even get a bus ticket for that. So I agree with you all.

Tony - I think it's wise to keep at least your scooter, you will miss your 2 wheeled vehicles. You can always get another motorcycle when things chill & you have more time. The insurance must be cheaper on the scoot than your bike I bet.

Anonymous said...

I'd advise keeping it as you love it AND it definitely fills a niche in your lifestyle! I'd like more ccs too one day but really, really love the feel of my 50 AND the 100mpg!