Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introduction to Novice Motorcycle course

Tonight I go to the introduction session of the Novice Motorcycle course that I am taking through the Vancouver Island Safety Council.  I have been waiting weeks to start my office trip into the world of motorcycling! 


RichardM said...

Have fun! Is there one evening class and a couple of days in a parking lot?


Dar said...

Thanks Richard. Tonight was a 21/2 hour introductory class about course expectations & requirements. There is about 8 hrs of classroom theory & 16 hours of riding before the skills test. Then there is the 2 day traffic course with about 4 hrs theory & the rest on road.

There were about 26 or 27 people I'd say about 9 of them are women. Its going to be fun.

Circle Blue said...

I'm glad things are progressing for you. I took my Motorcycle Foundation Class in October a couple of years back. It is a good month for beginnings.

Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences.

Thanks for the share.

Dar said...

Thanks Keith. I am hoping for good things to come out of this and learning new skills. I hope the weather cooperates.