Thursday, September 1, 2011

Motorcycle shopping continued

I have looked at several motorcycles over the last couple of days and nothing has leapt out and said, "Come on Dar, I am your bike, take me home baby!". I don't know if I am expecting too much, but my experience with buying Vixen my vino was exactly that. She was shined up and lovingly stored under a cover and clean.

I have been looking at used bikes mainly off the Internet classified websites. If there is one thing I could say to people who are selling their bikes is: detail your bike, shine it up and make sure it's clean. As a perspective buyer there is nothing more uninspiring than a dirty bike. The dirty bike gives me the perception that you don't care, and for me it starts me wondering a whole lot of different things like; 1) Was it serviced regularly? 2) Did they do any maintenance? 3)It appears that they don't care about it, so has it always been treated this way?

I know I am looking at used bikes and they are not in pristine showroom condition, but seriously spend an hour or two shining it up. A little bit of elbow grease may be the difference in full price or less being offered.

I am sure when I finally come across the bike it will say, "Come on Dar, I am your bike, take me home baby!"


Turtle said...

Yup, the bike needs to talk to you.

Although... have you looked at scooters?
I visualize you on one of those elegant Honda SH150i's.

Vroom... vroom!!

Trobairitz said...

You have to wait until you and the potential bike "feel the love", then you'll know it is the right one.

But I agree, people need to detail their bike because it show they don't care when it is too dirty and you worry about how it was maintained.

Dar said...

Turtle ~ I have thought about bike versus bigger scooter and the bike has won out. I want a bike big enough for me to go over the Malahat highway on Vancouver Island and one I can take to the twisty roads of Tofino. I will always have a love and passion for scooters and a larger scooter may still win my heart. Who knows, I may not find anything I like and start back looking at scoots.

Trobairitz ~ Agreed it is a 'feel the love' situation, I knew with the scoot, so I am sure the right bike will come along. I am going to chill out because they give us bikes to ride for the course, only thing I won't have is one to practice with, but then I am already scooting & have the balance & lean thing down. We shall see.

Turtle said...

Ah hah!
That sounds heavenly, Dar.

Wouldn't you need a motorcycle in the 400-600 cc range for that?

Dar said...

Turtle ~ I have been looking anywhere from 250 - 400 to 600. Not much out there used right now.

Turtle said...

Yup, I was just looking at eBay--it's grim.

I see what you mean about people selling them without bothering to spiff them up. Kinda stupid, really.

I did find a gorgeous metallic navy Burgman in SC, though...
(The husband would be soooo not pleased, LOL)

SonjaM said...

I agree, the bike needs to talk to you. It is amazing who some people treat their two-wheelers, but yet again I have also seen bikes that were barely broken in. Your time will come.

Dar said...

Turtle you are so funny - hub has to get his head around eventually I think there is going to be a big shift in motorcycling from manual to automatic. Aprillia has the 850 Mana motorcycle, it's beautiful. Honda has I believe the Dyna. The lines between scoot & motorcycle are coming together.

As for the dirty bikes we have walked away from at least two that could have been possible, but they had the appearance that they weren't cared for at all.

Dar said...

Sonja, I know the perfect bike will find me, I just have to be patient.

bobskoot said...


you've got eyes over here too

Disclaimer: I know nothing about it, but only 10K on it

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Dear Bobscoot,

Thanks for the link.

I fell in love with a bike today at the Suzuki dealership. I sat on it and just new it was the one. It's an S40. It was a perfect fit, I could flat foot and it wasn't too big at all. Only problem is itsnout of my budget completely, so how do you fall out of love with a bike? Sigh, I better start saving . I am going to look at a rebel tomorro & maybe a Marauder on Monday.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me.

bobskoot said...


this one only has 6,000 kms

this one has 7,750 kms

and this one with only 3,900 kms

let me know if I should keep looking. come over here and ride it back. You can get insurance anywhere, even on Sunday

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Dear Bobskoot

Thank you for sending these, I am showing them th the hub when he gets home.



Jah Seagrove said...

Honda Super Hawk, 305 cc, 1963?
Someone is getting cocky!
That's an collector's item, but beautiful.

Dar said...

Thomas ~ It is actually a 1967 Super Hawk. I got it mixed up with the 1963 Benly. I'm old so I might as well go vintage. I think my husband is more excited than me!

Jah Seagrove said...

Vintage is best (except brakes) and you can fix with them.
Good hunting!

Trobairitz said...

Keep your eyes out for a used S40. They are bound to come up at some point. Also get the dealer looking out for used for you too. Good luck.

turtle said...

You okay out there, Dar? I heard there was an earthquake.

And I hope you find something soon.

I won't be needing a new scooter for decades (I hope), so I'm greatly enjoying your search.