Sunday, September 18, 2011

Motorcycle salvage store - everything including the kitchen sink!

Everything and even the kitchen sink!

Today we went over to Victoria Motorcycle Salvage.  Motorcycle man was looking for a clutch lever for Lucy, hers has been replaced and its a little wobbly.  He is also looking for a side cover for Lucy. He is very particular about our bikes and likes things tuned to perfection.  There is this very funky salvage place with tons of salvaged parts, if you need something it is probably there.  It was interesting to look at the different parts in there, but sad that they aren't on running bikes.

Told ya there was the sink!

We didn't find the clutch lever so we went over to their retail outlet that sells parts, gear and used bikes.  Pretty cool place and I happened to spy this little baby in the shop and couldn't resist snapping a picture.  

The shop has a mascot which is a parrot that talks.  The parrot squawks when you walk in the door and sounds like an alarm going off.  It also was saying "bad dog" - lol I guess where she lives they have a dog that gets into trouble a lot.  The parrots name is Buckwheat.  You find all kinds of interesting things in bike shops!


Circle Blue said...

Love the parrot.

Dar said...

It was so funky hearing her say "bad dog". It would have been hilarious if she said "Here kitty kitty"

bobskoot said...


You weren't kidding when you mentioned the "kitchen sink". Did you try the used fixture recycle depot ? they may have had a clutch lever.

glad you managed to escape the rain. we were down in the White Rock area and it was nice and warm

Riding the Wet Coast

RichardM said...

Gotta admit that I love looking around those kind of places even if I'm not looking for anything specifically.

No video of the parrot?

Richard - My blog

Dar said...

The minute I pulled the camera out the parrot shut up and put it's back to me - lol antisocial pile of feathers!

Trobairitz said...

I can only imagine what else was hidden in that place. Let's see parrots, sink, and bike parts. oh my.