Monday, April 18, 2016

Two Wheeled Therapy - stress decompressor

The Duchess is waiting for me in her daytime Moto lair. 

Today was a 'survival day' at work, technical difficulties with electronic challenges and other client needs, which meant no breaks and I worked OT. At the end of the day I was sufficiently wound up & more than a little stressed. It was a beautiful sunny day, the kind of day that you dresm of being out on the bike and carving some beautiful twisties, oh to dream. Any way after I was done I beetled down the stairs to my two wheeled love and I was gone.  

Of course it was in the thick of rush hour so my impatience was getting the better of me. So finally I made my way through traffic found some twisties and felt the stress draining away. 
I ended up in Esquimalt Lagoon, parked and sat on a bench and just relaxed. As I was riding through the rural forest part ifvthe road the smells were amazing, you could smell summer. It was the sweet tang of pine, spruce, and soil with a hint of raspberry. I love the sensory aspect of riding, I always feel so in touch with the environment.  I could literally feel the stress melting away and it cleared my head space. You know what they say - you never see a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatry office, I love two wheeled therapy.
Happy stress free face. All it took was about 90 minutes of moto wandering and all was right in my world.
It was such a beautiful day very summer-like, so much so that people were out on jet skis. 

It was a good way to wrap up a dismal Monday.  Here's hoping the rest of the week gets better!



Andrew Thomson said...

I was only saying to someone the other day: if you take your bike to work, it doesn't matter what sort of day you have - you get to ride your bike home!

SonjaM said...

I also found the Esquimalt Lagoon very soothing, just the right spot to get your balance back, plus you rode your bike there. What's not to love ;-)

Charlie6 said...

Good way to de-stress!

Dar said...

Andrew - spot on. It took a very circuitous route home and felt better for it.

SonjaM - the last time I was at Esquimalt Lagoon was with Bob and the scooter gang a few years back. Fond memories. I just sat in the sun and chilled and it was lovely!

Charlie6 - it was I left feeling that there wasn't a care in the world.

David Masse said...

That's about the only part of working for a living I miss: riding to work and back.

Dar said...

David Masse - Well you will have to figure out little daily jaunts to take!