Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ribbet Ribbet Motoblogger ToadMama

Motobloggers are a very cool unique group of people.  When I started blogging in 2011 I had no idea it would lead me to meeting some very incredible people whom I am proud to call friend. I had a serendipitous meeting with Kathy aka ToadMama last Wednesday.  She was up in Washington State visiting family.  I am particularly thrilled that she came to Victoria to meet me! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the day off, but she came anyway so we could have a bite to eat and chat. She has plenty of great adventures in Victoria and has done more sightseeing in my hometown than I have done in the 20+ years I've lived here.
All of the motoblogger meetings I've had have been due in large part to one man; Bob Leong or BobScoot.  Bob reached out to most of us who followed his blog and created a family. Two years ago Bob passed while away on a trip of a lifetime and left a legacy of friendship and a little wooden scooter dubbed ScooterBob. This little wooden scooter has been on an epic journey with motobloggers across the world hosting him and chronicalling their adventures. Boy was I surprised when Kathy pulled him out of a carefully packed ToadMama bag.  I was gobsmacked and had to regain my composure.  We toasted Bob's memory and enjoyed each other's company, but alas the time flew past and it was time for Kathy to catch the Clipper.
It was a wonderful visit and it felt like we have known each other for forever. We exchanged little gifty mementoes. 
Kathy I love it! Perfect motorcycle bag & water bottle! 
I broke land speed records to get back to Esquimalt and grab the dog to whip down to the rocks and wave farewell, I had to see her off and waved my heart out.  She saw us and waved back! Farewell does not mean forever and I am more than hoping to get out her way on my bike sometime soon! 
Kathy spotted me & snapped this pic. 

I also have to say that BobScoot is still bringing the motoblogger community together and I know that he would be smiling and happy! 


SonjaM said...

Lovely reflection on your meeting with Kathy (and Scooterbob). Serendipitous sums it up.

Lynne Goebeler said...

So cool that you and ToadMama were able to meet! I am hoping that she and I will be able to meet, and maybe ride together, one day! Lynne (aka curvyroads)