Thursday, April 28, 2016

Going Postal - Little bikes - BIG DREAMS - Over Yonda On A Honda

Wednesday night  I met Todd and Chantelle Powell who have travelled from Australia to BC for a grand adventure. They are on an EPIC five-year road trip on Honda CT110 Australian Postie Bikes, affectionately known as Mabel and Rosie. They shipped their bikes to BC to start their adventure and were originally going to head up to Alaska, but after emailing them and letting them know we are still in the tailend of winter in the Northern parts of the Province they decided to ride around Vancouver Island. I was lucky enough to catch up with them to interview them for Farkle Garage. Todd and Chantelle hatched this plan back in about 2008 after honeymooning in BC.
Their love of small cc bikes grew from a tour of Vietnam they did on 125cc scooters. When asked if they would rather do this on a larger cc bike they emphatically said "No" Todd replied  "When I travelled on a big bike, I was just another guy travelling on a big bike." The Postie Bikes draw people to them because they are curious about this not often seen bike in Canada. Travelling on a smaller bike has its challenges for such a big journey with lots of high speed roads, hills, and mountains, it just requires a lot of meticulous route planning as they stick to slower speed roads, because they travel slower on their 125cc bikes and it takes them longer to get to places. This type of touring allows them to go through little towns, take their time to explore and meet people, and  that's the romance of an adventure like this. They do stop to smell the proverbial roses and savor the moments. 

Big dreams and big adventures can happen on small engine displacement bikes. 

(Mabel on the left, Rosie on the right)

The bikes are Aussie Postie bikes which are the workhorses of the Aussie postal system.  They have been modified with bigger tanks and get about a 500km range with average speed about 75km/h. The stock Honda engines have been upgraded to 125cc Lifan engines to give Rosie and Mabel the extra oomph for tackling the mountains. The bikes are well packed with side and back bags, the secret for this trip is packing light, that meant laying belongings out and then culling down to bare basics & about to two sets of clothes.

They will be winding their way through the wilds of BC heading up to Alaska, after that they're going to make their way through North America and other countries wirh the final stop home in Australia. 

When asked what their favourite Farkles were, it was  their heated grips which have been particularly handy in the chilly spring weather.  Chantelle also has her Wonder Woman mascot, which I think is pretty badass!

Wonder Woman going for a tootle on Rosie!

Todd's sidekick is Squirt, who has been on many a trip on his other bikes. Notice Mabel's tat 2615, they jokingly call it her convict number. Todd's bike Mabel maybe little, but she is packed with attitude and she has been a persnickety little moto tart and had to have a visit at local motorcycle shop for a little bit of moto intervention, she's all tickety boo and ready to ride.

A few other Farkles include a GPS, a front rack that carries a ditty bag with an umbrella on top.

Chantelle's trusty steed is the ever plucky Rosie who is the heartier gentler soul.

When asked what they were most concerned about on their trip through the wilds of BC it was bears when camping! They have read up on bear precautions and have bear spray at the ready.  Just don't  take cookies into the tent!

Speaking of bears meet their little stowaway Miss Scarlet who is a bandaged bear. This little bear will be with them on their travels for the next six months and will be returned to Australia where a storybook will be created about her adventure and she will be given to a sick child. Scarlet has already picked up a Canadian buddy Mountie Moose.

Bear and Moose on the loose!

When asked what they liked most about BC they said it was the people and how kind we are and they discovered a love of Tim Horton's! 

Our visit was drawing to a close and I have to say "You meet the nicest people on a Honda from Over Yonda!"

You can follow their journey on their blog Over Yonda On A Honda or on their Facebook page -  Over Yonda On A Honda - give their page a like and follow this intrepid adventure.
Godspeed my friends, may your days be sunny and wind at your back! 


Kylie said...

Good luck on your journey, I'll be sure to follow your posts. Thanks for the share.

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

Great post!

RichardM said...

Nice meetup. I think that 125cc may be a good way to see the world. We see plenty of bicycles and 49cc scooters come through Alaska.

Charlie6 said...

Quite the adventurers....

Ry Austin said...

Dar, it sounds like you met up with some interesting folks having a great adventure. I look forward to the Farkle Garage episode.

I think it's funny (and revealing): Most of the time when folks are asked for their impressions of a new-to-them place, they mention the locals--how nice the locals are. It doesn't matter if it's Aussies visiting North America or North Americans visiting Australia or... Heck, it just doesn't matter.

And considering all the crap that one can hear on the evening news, that's mighty reassuring One could even end up believing that there really is more good than bad in this li'l old world.

Todd said...

I love it!! Hahaha. A persnickety little moto tart is my favourite quote ever!!!!

Dar said...

Todd happy to oblige!

Lynne Goebeler said...

Now that is an adventure! I will be sure to follow their journey! :-)

Great post about your meeting and their bikes, too!