Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Niagara Falls here I come to revel in your kitschy glory - Part 2

We did a lot of stuff Monday! So much so that if I had a fitbit I would have probably blown it up with all the walking we did. There are some pretty interesting things to see and do, it all depends on the type of experience you want, so we did a little of this and a little of that.
It really is like a giant carnival, complete with food vendors, tourist stores and lots of noise. My sister-in-law tells me that in the summer you can't move down here for the ever present thick crowds.  So there is something to be said for September holiday! Scooterpie clan trudged along looking and deciding what we wanted to see.  It was a wee bit overwhelming.

We walked by Movieland and bumped into Jack.

Wandered by the HD store which sold trinkets & HD clothing.
Haven't really seen too many motorcycles on the road here.  
Wandered into the Eainforest Cafe, pretty cool decor. Loved the Giant frog!
You feel like you are in a rainforest. It was pretty cool!
'Rescue The Rainforest' fountain.

It was pretty spectacular.
And of course i had to snap a pic with the giant frog - this is for you ToadMama. 
Scooterpie Jr wanted to go to the upside down house where you walk on the ceilings. It was a great ad for Ikea! 
I almost bought that comforter awhile back!
The loo
Kids room

After we finished our home tour we were feeling a little parched, all this walking around was thirsty work. We settled in for a cold drink & tried to cool off and then we were going on more adventures. We decided to go on the Canadian Version of the Maid of The Mist, which is called Hornblower cruises.  I will post that in a day or so.  Yup we did all this on Monday, there are no half measures with clan Scooterpie!


VStar Lady said...

Hope you also got to see the actual beautiful parks and walk ways, far away from the carnival in touristville (although last time there I have to admit I did do the tourist walk under the falls.)

RMachida said...

You don't need a FitBit if you already have an iPhone. Just install the Pedometer app...

That's a pretty cool upside down house.

Shybiker said...

Cool! I'm on my way. Definitely gonna check out that crazy upside-down house.

Trobairitz said...

While it looks like you are having great fun I find it a little sad that it has turned so touristy.

The Oregon coast is the same way. All touristy stuff.

Dar said...

We usually don't do all the touristy stuff, but it was fun just to take a day and do all of it. We mainly did the Ferris wheel and upside down house & maid of the mist.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

All fun Dar. I've been there a number of times, alone and otherwise, never venturing far from the falls themselves and the parks adjacent. Thanks for sharing all that I missed and now I'll know better for next time.