Monday, September 14, 2015

Eastern Adventure - Ontario

 Very seldom do I get to venture off the island, there seems enough to keep me content in my little BC haven.  But a long overdue visit to my husband's family brought us to Niagara Falls for a wedding. Oh what a beautiful wedding it was!
The bride sparkled the groom handsome and a new life story begins!

Water control gates that regulate the amount of power to the hydroelectric plant.

The Scooterpie clan decided to do some touristy things. What does one do when they are in a niagara Falls? You go see the Falls! 

The mist riding up before you get to the falls.
The Maid of the Mist approaching the Falls. I want to do this!
Very close! 
It's pretty choppy down there. The roar of the falls is deafening.  
Niagara Falls in all it's splendiferous glory, words can not do this sight justice. Its magnificence and power are beyond words.
Panoramic shot of the Falls. I could have stood there all day watching the water torrentially cascade over the rocks.
Today we are off to do more touristy things and show our daughter her dad's old stomping grounds.

Scooterpie clan having fun!
I am happy as a clam! 


Charlie6 said...

Looks like your clan had a good time at Niagara Falls.....we went there when the boys were little but the tourist traps were kind of a turn-off for me.

RMachida said...

One of these days I'll make it to Niagara Falls. Nice pictures of the falls and your clan...

Edward Kilner said...

Glad you enjoyed the most spectacular place in my part of the world.

VStar Lady said...

It's a lovely place to visit. Welcome to the east.

SonjaM said...

Have been there twice. It is a bucket list item. Glad you got to do some sight-seeing. Great pics! Got a taste for long distance traveling yet?

Trobairitz said...

Great pictures Dar!!