Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Being a tourista in Niagara Falls - Kitsch glorious kitsch - Part One Monday

Sometimes you just have the yen to explore, and that's exactly what we've been doing a lot of. I love finding kitsch and I have finally found my kitsch nirvana - Niagara Falls! 

We started out at a giant floral clock, where I was being my usual goofy self and standing behind a photographer who was taking a picture of foreign tourists and I yelled out "Say cheese!" None of them spoke English, but the all yelled "CHEESE!" They all laughed and then I took a group pic of them with their photographer.  My actual motive was to get them away from the clock so I could take a pic - it worked!

After that we tootled over to the Park to hike down to the Niagara Gorge rapids.  So here we are at the top.  I have to say I wasn't quite prepared for the hike! It was beautiful!  Here we are at the top, its a long way down! 
It was a fairly rugged trail with lots of rocks and slippery patches because of the 3 days of heavy rain. I must say though it was worth it! 
The current is very swift here and you don't want to fall in or you will be swept downstream to the hydroelectric plant and likely not survive, I will leave out the grisly details of past falls into the water my sister-in-law was telling me about.

There are some wicked rapids on the Niagara river.
After the hike we headed out to downtown Niagara Falls. WOW! Its like a mini Las Vegas. We decided to go for it and have fun!  Adventure number two of the day.
I spotted the Skywheel and I just had to go on it! I knew the veiws would be spectacular and they were. My hub wasn't too happy about it though, its not his cup of tea, but he did it anyway.
The view of Niagara Falls was amazing! In the distance you can see the Skylon Tower.
The US side of the Falls.
The ride was very smooth and air conditioned.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everything, it was worth the $11.00. 
Sorry if the pics are grainy, but I am using the trusty old iphone, just didnt feel like packing a camera along.
Bridge to the US. 
There is a Jurassic themed mini golf in the park by the ferris wheel. Its kind of surreal to see dinos below you.
It was a very cool ride.  After we got off we went exploring the Falls. If ever there was a place for tourists this is a Canadian treasure trove of kitsch. 
So here I am hamming it up and holding the dinos hand, yup am that kind of tourist. This will have to do it for now as I have spotty internet and we are going sight seeing again in a couple of hours,  


Trobairitz said...

Looks like fun Dar. Having never been there it will be cool to see it through your camera lens.

SonjaM said...

Cool pics, Dar. Playing the tourist like a pro ;-) Love the Niagara Falls (not so much the strip with the tourist traps, though...)