Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sunset Island style

Tonight hub and I went for a late evening ride chasing the setting sun. 
Of course there is the obligatory selfie. 
What a mismatched pair.  The courtly old cruiser parked beside the young coquettish NC. The new Miss  almost looks like she is blushing from the attention she is receiving. 
Hubs didn't feel like taking his helmet off, not me I was soaking up every bit of sunshine.  We did the scenic Dallas Road to Beach Drive and then jetted over to Mount Tolmie to catch the sunset.  It was spectacular. 
We are having a spectacular early summer, but it comes at a cost, everything is tinder dry and water reservoirs are getting low.  I think irbid going to be a long hot dry summer. 

This is looking over towards the mainland.  Beautiful!
It was breathtaking.
I never tire of riding my beautiful island. 


Andrew Thomson said...

Nice! It looks like you're definitely getting better weather than us now - winter has arrived and it is wet!

Good to see the new bike out and about wracking up some miles!

SonjaM said...

Enjoying it, thanks Dar. We had a cold front coming in this week, temps where 11°C yesterday (at daytime).

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful sunset Dar.

Everything is pretty dry here. An early start to fire season and restrictions have already started.

Edward Kilner said...

Well, that sure was a nice set of pics. Your island is beautiful, as I have found out on my two visits. I'm looking forward to my third. Who knows, maybe next year!

Martha said...

Beautiful. Early summer? When does it usually arrive? We are in a wet spring and summer with plenty of storms.

Dar said...

Andrew - our winters are usually pretty wet affairs and we spend about six months slogging through fog, cold, rain, and sometimes snow. I dread the winter doldrums.

SonjaM - Is this typical weather for you? A little relief from too warm of temps might be a good thing?

Trobairitz - our fire rating is at extreme and they have banned all campfires or open burning, it is tinder dry out there.

Ed - lets try to meet up the next time your here!

Martha - Our summer started exceptionally early, we had the mildest of winters and I can say that things dramatically shifted in about February, the rest of the spring warmed up and gained full speed to where we are today. I have never had to wear mesh gear in May or June, that usually doesn't happen until August. I think we are a good two months ahead of where we normally are.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Dar, the only thing better than a sunset ride is one at sunrise, my favorite at least. You've been blessed with some great riding weather, too bad that it comes with cost.

Deb said...

Your island is certainly spectacular!

From the saddle of a motorcycle or scooter, even more so!

Lovely photos! Thank you for the tour!

VStar Lady said...

Beautiful sunsets.

Lynne Goebeler said...

Beautiful sunset pics, what a lovely ride!

Jack Jazlowiecki said...

Great show so many great pictures and such great work from the crew at Shaw Cable makes me wanna learn to ride. so much fun shooting the music in the garage I'm extremely happy to be the guitar player singer in the Farkle GarageBand ....Thunder is my song!