Monday, June 8, 2015

2012 Honda NC700 Walk around video "Junk in the Frunk"

2012 Honda NC 700 "Junk in the Frunk"

Here is a quick video of Motorella.  As you can tell I am completely besotted by this lovely Honda. 

Addendum to post.  A couple have commented about travelling and having luggage over the piliion/gas tank, I investigated this before purchasing and a rear rack is available that sits over the back fender/tail and it doesnt impact the pillion seat or gas tank.  :) So no concens there about having to load & unload the pillion seat when needing to refuel.. 


Richard M said...

Nice video. The video would look better if the phone is horizontal as it will be larger when viewed on a TV or monitor. I like the utility of the front trunk.

VStar Lady said...

Glad you're still in love. I might find the gas tank under the seat a bit unhandy for long distance travel, but the 'frunk' would be great for short commutes for sure.

David Masse said...

I agree with Karen that on an extended trip you might have a bunch of stuff on the pillion seat. That means unloading the bike (at least partially) to refuel. With the Vespa it's worse because you can't open the seat without also removing stuff carried on the floorboard.

That said, it adds maybe five minutes or so to the refueling process. It's likely that by the time you've drained the tank it's time for a stretch and hydration plus a nature break. So in reality the unloading and reloading is just needed exerise.

Katy Did said...

Would not be so comfy to load and unload. Glad you did the research. That would have been a no for me too, but looks like you are enjoying yourself and having a great time! Its all you need!

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

Great video. I'm loving the frunk. :-)

I don't have a gas tank in the normal spot, either. But BMW didn't think of a frunk. My gas tank is under the seat, too, but the filler cap is exposed. That's really a nice bike you got. Good choice!