Thursday, June 4, 2015

Early summer afternoon tootle

Today was stunning! I jetted out of work a little early because I was called back last night. The last couple of days the weather was pretty unsettled and overcast, so I really haven't felt the yen to ride to work as of late. Today was hot & sunny so I took the bike & went for a tootle.
I stopped by the stunningly beautiful Beacon Hill Park.  

The park has quite a large peacock population and this majesticly splendiferous fellow was lounging with a peahen in the shade. They are not shy and as I pulled up he didn't even flinch. I gingerly climbed off the bike and walked over and was less than a foot away when I took the picture.  
Beautiful. I am actually surprised that this fellow sat there passively and let me get so close and snap pictures. 
This is the upper portion if his back.  My iPhone doesn't do it justice at all.  
The wee peahen was a little more skittish. 
Trying to be arty.

Luckily Victoria has a lovely park system and lots if amazing gardens.  Apparently when I was wee I went for a dip in this very slimy duck pond. 

Of course one has to park as near to the giant watering can as the can possibly get. Hmmm I wonder if I keep watering it what it will grow into? This is part of the kids water park.
Victoria also has a lot of public art and I love this colourful piece. 


Trobairitz said...

What a great afternoon for a ride. And I can actually recognize where these places are now.

Glad you are enjoying your bike so much.

Richard M said...

Victoria does look pretty nice as does your new bike. The colors on the peacock feathers turned out pretty nice even using an iPhone.

Diane Higdon said...

Sounds like a fun little ride.
The colors on the peacock are beautiful!
Love your artsy photo op!!!!
I have to admit, I don't even carry a camera anymore.
The IPhone is my go to camera.
Way too simple and always have it with me!!!!!

SonjaM said...

I still have to get used to your new steed in the picture. What a difference. I find the iphone pics came out great, my dear.

Conchscooter said...

Summer looks fantastic of course, but we are left to assume the Honda did not disappoint? Camera+ is an interesting app for the iPhone. I use that in color and the phone camera for black and white. Except for telephoto pictures we are past the era of apologix=zing for phone cameras.

Dar said...

New Honda is rocking my world, loving it! will look at the camera+ app.

David Masse said...

Dar, I second Michael's suggestion. Camera+ is truly excellent. I got it after David Pogue said it was by far the best photo app in his New York Times column.

You take really nice photos. It's all in the composition.

One challenge with the iPhone is keeping the phone steady. I need to find a workable tripod.

I got a bluetooth trigger for about $25 at the Apple store. It's about the size of a $2 stack of quarters ($0.25). That helps a lot.

David Masse said...

Just saw Hisy makes a tripod/selfie stick. That's my next purchase :)

Deb said...

Your bike is so COOL looking! I can tell you swoon every time you see it! LOL

Peacocks are beautiful, aren't they? I also loved the fountain shots!

Awesome little "toodle"!

Lynne Goebeler said...

Lovely photos, and what a great little getaway!

The peacock is spectacular!