Sunday, June 8, 2014

Poocha update Things are a changing!

It is true when they say time heals all wounds and it does. We are 23 days post accident and it has been a very hard couple of weeks.  I wasn't sure how we were going to make it through, and it was hard to know how Roo was faring and whether she still needs pain meds. Things have changed for the better in a very big way!  

Roo decided to get up and walk!  She is wobbly and weak, but she is ambulatory! Hallelujah!  She is going for little strolls out in the yard.  She does get pretty exhausted after going out a few times and sleeps quite a bit. 

Her mood is happier and she is eating & drinking.  She has however decided that she does not like dog food and has decided I am her executive chef.  I think we will never be able to close the lid on Pandora's food box and Miss Roo is never going to going to be satisfied with dog food again I think. To be fair though at the time it was whatever it took to tempt her to eat.

I think we are miles ahead of where we were and it is only going to be a question of time, lots of love and gentle exercise. At the six week mark she will be getting another X-ray to see how things are healing and bone callous formation is coming along. She is a remarkably tough little creature and I am not sure if I would be doing as well and I am amazed at how resilient she is.


VStar Lady said...

Dar ... dogs are such stoic creatures ... but good for Roo for having her own personal chef!

Deb said...


I never doubted her for a moment!

Love heals all....

Trobairitz said...

Hooray little Roo. So glad she is walking. Hard to believe it has been over 3 weeks now.

bob skoot said...


I wished that somehow, I could afford a personal Chef, just like Roo.

so glad all is working out and she is getting stronger by the day

Riding the Wet Coast

David Masse said...

And we say we train dogs.

Dogs and cats train humans.

Roo is goooooood!

Keith - Circle Blue said...

What great news . . . the walking part, not the personal chef part :^)


Deb said...

She has such sweet, beautiful eyes.

Dar said...

Thank you guys! I appreciate the support you always give me, it lifts my spirits during the hard times.

Missy Roo definitely will not eat dog scran now, I even tried it with some cooked veggies and she wouldn't eat, so there I was frying up ground beef at 9:15pm to try and coax her to have supper, its important that she keep eating regularly. Hopefully we will wean her off and if not I will just keep cooking for the little beastie because I am so happy she is alive.