Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Half Century

Saturday I took to top wheels with some Moto Mama girlfriends, they were helping me ease into a new decade.  Turning 50 has NOT been easy for me at all, it has been full of angst, trepidation, and loathing.  Some look forward to this, not me! No matter how many times I hear "Don't worry it's just a number" or "50 is the new 30", it fills me with despair, I am not young anymore. I am now at the top of the hill and starting my descent into my last portion of my life.  Yup, I know it sounds depressing but it is reality and every day I face mortality in my job and see what the various decades bring and I find myself  despairing. (Hang in with me here - it will lighten up) I was really dreading my birthday.  And then things changed.

I arranged a ride up Island with my friends.  It was a cloudy gloomy day, which sort of fit  in with my ambivalent feelings towards 50. But then something happened, my cares melted away. It's been a tough month in Scooterpie Land and this was the first time in 30 days where I have really taken time for myself or even touched Scarlet.  I have also been doing a lot of introspection, which I think a lot of people do when it comes to milestone birthdays, in fact I think I have been overthinking the whole thing and created an emotional barrier.  (It's going to get better here)

  My Moto Mama girlfriends at our meeting point, getting ready to go for a rip.

Motorcycle Man brought Scarlet out of the garage, checked her over, topped up her tires, he also made me breakfast & coffee and told me to go wander & have a good time & not worry about time today.  Off I went listening to a mix of music and ruminating in my head about turning 50.  Holy cow a half CENTURY - 50! During my ride and being in the company of my friends I stopped caring and worrying about turning 50.  I realized it is just a number and it doesn't change who I am, maybe just a little more creaky at times and not as much endurance, but I am still me.  

We headed up the Trans Canada #1 Malahat highway off to ride the back roads of the Cowhican Valley and end up at The Duncan Garage, where I heard they serve yummy cinnamon buns.  (WARNING: Stay away from the carrot cake bar) anyway the 5 of us met up with my real life evil twin sister Scooterpie the sequel. Yup I really have a twin and we are Gemini and I AM 5 minutes older (this is a big deal in the world of twin). 

We are double trouble and have a lot of fun together and yup she is my bestie. There was a lot of laughter, giggling, and general mayhem going on.  And of course food!  

I had a slice of fabulous gluten free chocolate cake, in the background was Kristen's carrot cake bar and this by general consensus was decided that it was not yummy and heavy as a brick, so we won't be getting that again.  The coffee was probably one of the best I have had, or maybe it was just the laughter and conversation.  I felt cheered, buoyant and better, the 50 funk lifted. Soon we said goodbye to my sis and went for another tootle.

As with most motorcyclists you never take the short way home, it always seems to be a long protracted route and never in a straight line, the twistier the better.  Off we went meandering the back roads of Duncan to Shawnigan Lake and then hook up with the TC highway.  

We ended up stopping at one of the local wineries as one of the Mama's wanted to pick up a bottle of vino.  As she was doing this, the rest of us wandered around the grounds.  

Beautiful place and they had a lively little restaurant and porch seating area.

The views were stunning.  I think I will be going back for rendezvous at some point with a certain fella I know.

It was time to leave the lovely vineyard. I could have sunk into one of those chairs & happily enjoyed a glass of vino, but will save that for a non-riding day.  We rounded up the Mama's and off we went. 

(Think I need longer arms for group selfies)

We had a lovely ride home through Shawnigan Lake, over the Malahat and home.  Motorcycle Man and Scooterpie Jr, had planned a surprise dinner at friends.  It was lovely lots of wine, champagne, lovely supper and of course cake!

No birthday is complete without cake and singing Happy Birthday.  My spirits were so uplifted and I felt decadently happy (still do today).  

50 turned out to be okay.  I officially turned 50 at 4:51am Sunday morning and I just happened to wake up at 4:40 needing a drink of water and decided to forage for leftover cake.  Then I realized I was 2 minutes out from the exact time of my birth.  So I went and woke up Motorcycle Man and brought him out to help me officially bring in 50.

We lit 2 candles & I blew them out right on cue.  I also realized I am very blessed in my life and have a great hub who will get up at 4:51am to eat cake with his wife and kiss her on the cheek & wish me happy birthday.  

All in all it was a fabulous day AND the birthday number doesn't matter, what's important is that I am loved. 


Andrew Thomson said...

Happy birthday! Great that you got out for a ride to celebrate - that'll help keep ya young don't ya know!

Shybiker said...

Lookin' good, buddy! And what a great group of friends you have around you.

You're just beginning to experience the relief I felt when I turned 50. I complained that my life had hit its peak and I was on the descent toward death. I'd say, "You can't claim to be young when you're 50." But then I stopped worrying about it. I just continued to live. And my life is still good. Seven years later, I no longer worry about my age; I focus instead on what's in front of my face. I can still ride motorcycles; I can still dress in pretty clothes. What more do we want from life? Hang in there; you'll feel better soon.

Trobairitz said...

A perfect way to spend the day. I am glad it lifted the funk.

You are beautiful and youthful looking, remember I thought you were about 38 or so.

Richard M said...

A slightly late Happy Birthday to you (and your twin)! I'm sneaking up on the next decade but not dreading or looking forward to it. In fact, I don't remember anything about turning 50...

bob skoot said...


A very Happy Belated Birthday to you. You are lucky to be so young. Not so long from now you will be wishing you were 50 again, just like me.

as Elvis sung click here

"Your lips so red, your eyes that shine
Shame the stars that glow
So fill these lonely arms of mine
And kiss me tenderly
Then you'll be forever young
And beautiful to me

You're so young and beautiful, you're everything I love
Your angel smile, your gentle touch
Are all I'm dreaming of
Oh take this heart I offer you
And never set me free
Then you'll be forever young
And beautiful to me "

Riding the Wet Coast

Keith - Circle Blue said...

My Dad is also a twin and a Gemini. He's a wee bit older. He's 86, still works and rides a bicycle.

The closing of your post said it all. It's about being loved. It is always about the health of our relationship.

May great and happy times rise up to greet you always.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Those smiles !! I see a fun group, lucky to have you and your 50 years of good along.

Late but no less sent, Happy Birthday Dar!

David Masse said...

50 schmifty... the whole gang looks awesome.

From one Gemini to another, happy birthday Dar.

The nice thing about maturity is that you have the wisdom to tackle the things that would have loved to do in your youth but weren't allowed and wouldn't dare to do.

Nothing but smiles and fun.

Deb said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

50? Hey, it only gets better from here on out!

50 provides you with your irrevocable "Diva license" to say, do, and be whoever you want when you want and as you want!

Glad you had a fabulous day out with the girls!

Robert Wilson said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I don't know what it is about some birthdays. I still have 2 years before I'm officially "over the hill" but I know this year is when my own mortality has been thrust in my face and medical issues take over the front burner. Life however is worth living. You have good friends, a good man and an eye for beauty. A good glass of wine now and again is never a bad thing. These are the things that make life worthwhile. :)

BeemerGirl said...

I'm sorry I am a month late. But here goes anyway...HAPPY BIRTDAY!!!

I'm glad the stigmas didn't last and you had a great and uplifting day with family and friends.