Saturday, May 31, 2014

Roo update 15 days post accident

We are now 15 days post accident.  It has been a hard journey for our poocha and her entire family. It has been full of emotional ups and downs, worry and hope.  At times it is 10 steps forwards and then 10 steps back, but progress is being made slowly  in a positive direction.  Animals are far more resilient than their human family members.  

I really have to give Poocha Granny a huge bouquet because she has dropped everything to come and watch her furry grandpuppy.  Thank you mom.  

Roo is mending, but it is going to take 3-4 months before she is 100%.  The vet said around the 6 week mark she will be ambulatory, but can not run or jump.  She is starting to get a little stir crazy from being sequestered to her bed or the laundry basket. She is making overtures of movement. She is stretching and trying to stand, but her rear left leg is very weak and that is the side where the fracture was the worst of the two. I have been doing range of motion movements with all her paws to keep her joints mobile and massaging her as well. She surprised us today by standing and taking some wobbly steps before I could restrain her.  I helped her out by supporting her midsection so she could sniff in the backyard.  Yay Roo!  

She is off her pain meds which is awesome, drinking water and fussily eating.  I am now Grand Duchess Roo's executive chef and she prefers scrambled eggs.  

There is still concern about her bladder and I am worried there may be some nerve damage because she doesn't urinate for long periods, sometimes a day between, but this could be because she is not ambulating or sniffing, and her system is essentially upside down at the moment.  

All things being equal I think we are getting there and we just have to keep positive.  So please keep sending your positive vibes & healing thoughts.  


Deb said...

Yay! I am hearing GOOD news! She "wants" to be active now and that is a very good sign!

Like you say, dogs ARE resilient! I believe she will come along and be healed more quickly than anyone can anticipate!

Good job, Dog Granny and Mom and the rest!!

My girls send good "woofs" her way and I will pray to St. Francis to get her bladder flowing! LOL

Love you Miss Roo! Feel better soon...

Trobairitz said...

So glad she is feeling better and off the pain meds.

A slow road to wellness, but she will make it. Good thing she has such great caretakers.

Martha Tenney said...

Thanks for the update. It does sound good. What a difficult and challenging experience for everyone. And of course I hope for a full recovery for Roo.

You should find a way to offer your valuable experience to help others who have to deal with this tragic situation.

Dar said...

Deb - thank you for your prayers to St.Francis! Give your girls a scratchy behind the ears.

Trobairitz - as they say slow and steady wins the race! We had a really good day today.

Martha - I have been blogging about it , tweeting and face booking about it and sharing. I am learning more about inner strength, courage and resilience from my dog. She is also teaching me that life is about the moment and you have to live in it instead of thinking of the what if's, what I could have done, and wishing it was different. So maybe there are more lessons for me to learn from this.

David Masse said...

That's great news Dar. Best indicator: Roo's sporting a smile.

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

I'm so glad to see that Roo is healing. What a heart-wrenching ordeal for all of you. It's so good that her Grandma could come and visit for a bit.