Saturday, October 26, 2013

Goodbye sweet scooter love

Well it's time to say goodbye to Vixen!  She was my first two wheeled Moto love and gave me the courage, zest, determination to get my motorcycle license.  I sold her today in less than an hour of it being on Used Victoria.  

I will miss her, but she deserves to be ridden and not sitting in a dark garage waiting and hoping to see the light of day and asphalt under her tires.  

Vixy I hope your new owner treats you with kindness, gives you synthetic oil and treats you well on the road.  XO sweet scoot!


Shybiker said...

It's hard to let a loved machine go, but remember the good times and see this as a sign of your development as a rider.

SonjaM said...

Always hard to part with a thing that you have a history with… I still fondly remember my Vespa GT200, and often wonder how it's doing...

Robert Wilson said...

You always remember your first love.

Trobairitz said...

I am sure she went to a good home. It is good when they can be ridden on a regular basis.

A bittersweet goodbye, I am sure.

Dar said...

I am sad & happy at the same time. I have a little bit of trepidation about it though because she is going to a 21 year old male college student who may or may not be as careful as I was. It's a step forward just the same though.

David Masse said...

Dar, I sold my first bike this summer. It's a little bit of a tug on the heart strings to be sure, but vehicles need to be used, or eventually bad things happen, because all man-made things struggle to get back into the ground the minute they leave the factory. Some stick around to beat the odds, but it's the exception.

It's nice to let things go. Some things are tougher than others to part with. I have a theory. If you're struggling with something that seems impossible to part with, take a whole bunch of pictures of it, to make sure you capture all the details from every angle. Then release the thing into the hands of another or failing that, set it free in the dustbin or dumpster, or tip, or garbage can, depending on where you live.

Here, all you need to do is park the thing (like our old barbeque) at the end of the driveway, and someone is sure to take it by dawn.

Patricia Carpenter said...

awwwww, Dar.
I'm on my 5th scooter and I have only had one that two that I had no problems getting rid of because they gave me such headaches. I'm sure she will be fine with her new owner who will love her as much as you did....:-). I'll probably cry when I sell Ms Vickey. I'm looking for something with just a bit more seat comfort for long distance touring.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I've still got the machine that got me back into the hobby and I must admit that the idea of letting it go, even though I should, has kept it right here in the garage more than once when I was tempted.

I'd agree that you were wise in letting it go.

VStar Lady said...

Dar, she served her purpose and you well, now she's off to inspire someone else.

Deb said...

Sniff, sniff, ouch! I feel your heart strings being tugged!

I am sorry she had to go. I hope you don't regret it. I hope she lives to a ripe old age!

I still deeply regret letting go my first camo Ruckus. I have her photo up in my desk area. I loved that little scoot more than any of them because it was my first.

I know now that I will keep my little Met until I cannot ride any longer (old age or infirmity), but she is getting a "Big Sissie" of some kind next year.

Ok, so now you have a spot in your garage! Now what is going to fill up that spot? A Honda PCX scooter might be nice! :=)

bob skoot said...


If our insurance rates weren't what they are, I would like to have a small 125cc something to puddle around town but I don't regret getting rid of my scooters and I didn't think I would be using them anymore.

However, I still have my Vstrom just sitting there gathering dust. Not sure what to do with it . . . Can't bear to part with it yet either

Dar said...

I am actually quite ok with Vixy going. I had a good stretch of time to get used to not riding her and knowing she needs to move on. I won't be adding anything to the moto lair its pretty full with a beetle and 3 motorcycles in it ;) and it is a pretty small 1940's garage so just getting all of it inside was pretty tough and getting them out is no easy feat as well.

Bob - tell me about it. Scarlet's insurance in $900 Ugh!

Deb I am glad you are getting a bigger scoot, you will love the range it gives you.

Karen - I am hoping she lives a long life, but not sure, it is going to a 21 year old boy - holding breath here.

Coop - if you can justify keeping it and you might get it back on the road go for it. Otherwise I think they get sad and keen for the asphalt to be under their tires.

Patricia - I did feel a bit misty and then I just let go. So I am good with this.

David - that is exactly what I did, I took a bunch of pics and walked away before my hub could pull away from the driveway. Its for the best.